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  1. C

    vf steering recall could mess up tune?

    my mate works at my local gateway Holden and has just started the first recall of the branch and because of the software updates involved said it could mess up my tune (mine is also on the vin list to go in and hes the one who will be doing the work) Im just curious if anyone has got more info...
  2. T

    yet another recall

    I dont know if any of you guys know but there is a ball joint recall as well. I didnt know about it until car went in for the seat to be checked today. New passenger seat base coming for that.
  3. ModySLR

    Recalls around the world for Commodores, Luminas and G8s

    Hello. I have been searching for recalls regarding the commodores around the world and I found this: 1. Road Safety Recalls Database 2. Search for a Recall | Safercar.gov | NHTSA for the second one you have to select year, car make then model. (year "2007-2011"/ Pontiac / G8)...