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vt berlina

  1. DeathSammich

    VT Berlina using heaps of fuel

    Hi, i have a series 1 VT berlina and on the dash is reads 14.7 litres per 100. After changing spark plugs some of them were quite dark leading me to believe its running rich. How can i fix this? Its does 280xxxKms
  2. drgt74

    Vt berlina v8 wagon climate control issues

    My vt berlina v8 wagon climate control system heater tap is always open.has vaccuum from manifold to check valve,all vent controls work,just had replacement compressor and regas and ac is ok but only with heater tap cable tied closed?if i cut cable tie and its open heater is great but will not...
  3. M

    VT/ VX Subs and Amp into Berlina

    Hi guys, has anyone got any info regarding factory harness plugs for the Calais/ Statesman stereo wiring harness to suit the Subs and Amp mounted in the rear of the car? I've got my hands on a set of 8" subs and Eurovox Amp, looking at putting these into my 98 VT Berlina, it already has a...
  4. M

    vt berlina 99 radiator fans & dash lights always on/air con not work

    im a new dude with very minor car experience (learning now though..). problem started as intermittent but now always happening. when i turn car on dash lights freeze, radiator fans come on and air con won't doesn't work (thermo fans blow uncooled air). it's accompanied by a 3 tone warning...
  5. age1314

    My 2000 vt berlina

    Name: Adrian Model: VT Berlina Series II Year: 2000 Colour: Champagne Engine: Ecotec v6 Kilometers: 197,XXX Engine mods: stock Gearbox: 4l60e Exhaust: 2 1/2 inch exhaust catback wit mid Auspac Muffler and twin dumpers Diff: Standard Suspension: Rear king spring...
  6. markgfs

    cv8z front bar on vt series1

    anybody know if the cv8z monaro front bars are still a standard straight swap on the vt like the other monaro front bars are? cv8z front bar: thanks alot everybody.
  7. H

    VT sound system suggestions

    hey. im looking for a sound system that will fit into the original space in a VT berlina. It can be a screen one if necessary, i just want it to fit fully in the origianl cd player/radio spot. Any suggestions or pics of how you have done yours. Thanks bec