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[NSW] 1990 Ford Maverick/Nissan GQ Patrol FS or SWAP EFI V8 Dual Fuel Lifted 35s Built Auto


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Jul 5, 2006
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Item Summary: 1990 Ford Maverick/Nissan GQ Patrol FS or SWAP EFI V8 Dual Fuel Lifted 35s 4.6s Twin Spots Built Auto

Location: NSW :SYDNEY

Condition: Used

Reason for Selling: big change in priorities

Asking Price: 10000

Delivery Methods: PickUp

Contact Info: PM for contact details

Extra Information:

CASH sale is prefered
but I will entertain swaps for cars of values of around $12000-$14000 region

Will meet parties half to 3/4 way for swaps or sale

1990 Ford Maverick/Nissan GQ Patrol

EFI V8 5L dual fuel with built auto

Lifted on 15x8 Sunnys with BFG MT 35s

4.6 Ratios and Twin Spot Calipers

Rego: 19 April 2011

VN 5 Litre EFI V8
Full Marks Conversion kit
60 Litre belly tank for petrol
100 Litre tank for LPG
Has working Powersteering and Aircon
- is not heavy at all to steer
- new powersteering fluid
Cleaned injectors
New Multi-Layer Steel Headgasket
- head has been skimmed to ensure total tight seal
- valves pressure tested to ensure no leaks and springs are in good condition
- head was cleaned at the machine shop
HSV headers
GU 3L air box to snorkel
Eagle Leads
New NGK spark plugs
New O2 sensor
New water pump
New external Bosch fuel pump
New EFI lines
New fuel filters
New radiator overflow
Thick radiator running Twin 12inch thermo-fans controlled by a Davies Craig Fan Controller
Spare Engine gasket and seal kit

SprintGas system with ecu control
Larger LPG converter so it is future-proof for power upgrades
Mixer has been cleaned
Full check over

Turbo700 automatic gearbox
Marks adaptor to GQ transfer case
New filter and fluid
Rebuilt gearbox with the following:
- shift kit
- Corvette servos
- heavy duty friction plates
Heavy Duty torque converter
New PWR transmission cooler, the largest they sell
New Braided lines
New Speedflow fittings throughout

Suspension and Brakes:
6 inch lift
Dobinson Springs all round
Rancho RS9000 9 way adjustable shocks to suit lift
Tough Dog Front and Rear Adjustable Panhards
Castor plates to suit lift
New brake lines to suit lift
Upgraded pads n discs
Has swaybars with New Custom Made endlinks to suit lift

Interior and Exterior:
Uniden UHF
B&M automatic shifter
Momo Steering wheel
Kenwood CD player with Kenwood Front speakers
Can include VZ SS front bucket seat kit for driver's side
Body has NO RUST!

Has a tight rear LSD diff
15x8 Sunnys with low Toyota Offset
BFG MT 35s
Body has flares to keep it looking legal

Parts which I have gathered and can come with the car for a reasonable price:
Genuine Nissan 4.7 Crown wheel and Pinion - Front and Rear ($1000)
5000kms old complete Front and Rear Diffs in housings ($1500) which have
- New Japanese 4.7 ratios
- New front LockRight
- Rear LSD shimmed nice and tight
- New bearings and seals used throughout
Identical rebuilt Turbo700 gearbox as spare ($1000)
Genuine B&M Deep pan and Filter extension for Turbo700 ($130)
Spare engine parts
New bearings and rings for a refresh
Brand New Custom made 3inch catback exhaust - big more muffler and hotdog resonator so there is no drone when highway cruising ($800)
Stage 3 ECU tuned to maximise power using either LPG or petrol ($120)
Twin Spot Front Calliper conversion ($450)

Background Info:
A change in my priorities has meant that i have to put this on the market. I bought it to have fun off road and also to tow my cars comfortably so as soon as I bought it I got to work cleaning the inside and outside. I also bought and installed a bunch of parts to ensure reliability and making sure i was comfortable driving it as my daily. This is the reason for the new water pump, bigger transmission cooler, etc etc. The Headgasket was installed because I suspected a blown headgasket so I went with a Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) one to drop compression slightly and to also ensure it was put together correctly. At the same time, the head was skimmed to ensure a tight total seal. Had the LPG system looked over by a specialist and it is in top condition. LPG system is big enough to handle a stroker motor if more torque is needed. The car handles really well on the road and very stable. All fluids have been replaced, new oil and filter, new coolant, new powersteering fluid, new transmission fluid, etc. The auto with shift kit makes it a dream to tow as there is no flaring and yet it is still driveable as a daily. It also makes it easy to crawl as there is not a need to feather a clutch and so on, just chug along. The large oil cooler also means that the transmission will never overheat with all the abuse that is thrown at it. Transmission cooler, braided lines and Speedflow fittings are all literally brand new and cost me a fair bit, but as thought I was I going to keep this for a while I went all out so my loss is your gain. Body has no rust at all. When I was cleaning out the interior, I stripped all interior panels off and went through to check for any rust. All holes in the floor has been plugged up and any scratches have been coated in an antirust formulation. There is also antirust formulation on the stone chips and scratches on the exterior. Body is not show car quality but has NO RUST at all.

This is daily driven and I have never had problems with Police, even at RBT stops. Good mileage on petrol and gas, roughly $25 gets me 300ish kms and even more on highway/freeways.