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Vn fuel regulator question

Discussion in 'VN - VP Holden Commodore (1988 - 1993)' started by JBAV6Tony, Nov 6, 2019.

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    I have found parts in original GM packaging to be better than anything else I have bought. Yes hard to find, makes me think I should scour eBay and buy a few of those things that do wear out. I bought a gen shaft bearing and compared to the aftermarket junk, you tell just how good the quality is soon as you open the packet. I'd like to buy a spare in case they are no longer able to be bought. Because McKay are ****, same with their strut tops. Had a two failed Mckay parts, TS bearing crapped out a few months from fitting it.

    EDIT the TS bearing that failed was a Kelpro not McKay strut top that broke was a McKay.
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    Oct 15, 2016
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    JBA kit car V6 series 1
    The eBay cheap IAC I had when removed a few times had the spindle loose, unscrewed from its invisible base. You could screw it back in one turn then it felt it wasn’t screwing, that the base inside was also rotating.

    As a contrast the new Bosch unit when it arrived was visibly screwed in much more eg the spring was much more compressed.

    My theory is that the cheap unit once installed and operating worked ok a few times then the spindle became detached and jammed into one position. Possible this batch made its way into the market really cheap. At times that sucking noise was happening at 60kph!

    The new Bosch unit has been in a while now and works faultlessly. Add to that the new FPR (the old one had a loose vacuum tube) and it is much more economical.

    My car the JBA now also has the 6 cylinder cortina diff 2.92:1 as opposed to the 4 cyl 3.7. Meaning even higher gearing than a VN 3.08. The car weighs under 1200 kg dry so a big difference in cruising economy now. I can also tow our caravan in 4th gear instead of 5th. But it’s great to get it sorted.

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