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Alexanders 03 VY Equipe V6TT "QU03IP"

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Hey All

Here's my 2003 VY SER 1 Equipe Project

Never thought id own a Commodore but here's goes. Worked as a mechanic when one day this sad poor banged up VY entered the shop, the owner a lovely 23 year old with little big car driving skill ask about a quote on some work which she then points out she wants to sell it and for a strange moment a light bulb appears in my head so I helped her out and bought it on the spot.

Thinking why I then had a bright spark..........ive fixed worse cars after a couple days I saw the light and started to get the itch as of this moment she's in very safe hands getting cleaned up PICS TO COME VERY SOON

After having a WK Donor fall though for a LS1 Swap ($1000 Down the drain) I'm thinking I need a good brain itch and so now begins the Twin Turbo V6

I know a lot of hate could be coming but its a very untouched mod that has me smiling

Ill keep you all posted even on the head ache days
IMG_0148.JPG IMG_0285.JPG
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I've got a slightly helped banged up ( by a phone ranger) 03' VY S & will be watching with interest too, for updates, Good one!
Good Luck with the build....where are you going to get a twin Turbo V6? Are you planning on simply adding a couple of Turbo's to a Holden V6? Why not modify a "Supercharged V6"? They are already made to fit, you could simply change your Supercharger for more boost and it would drop straight in the Engine Bay...but hey, it's up to you. Good Luck.

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