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  1. R

    Xu6 Intercooling Time

    So i have finally decide i want to intercooler my xu6 and wanting to know what people have done going about it.. like upradged valve springs or roller rockers? is there a list whats the go is it as easy as slapping it in and getting a tune or is there more to it... Also it is A2A cooler
  2. L

    Air to Air intercooler plate question

    Hey guys. Just installed the Mace A2A intercooler kit with the Plate onto a VT commodore 98' Spac i need to know if theres anyway i can stop the pulley from touch the top of my bonnet without hacking away the support. and im trying to get some information regarding the belt size to...
  3. vyseriesII

    [QLD] WTB: Front Mount Intercooler

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Universal Front mount intercooler (otherwise one that suites a vy v6) LOCATION: Brisbane QLD CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pay for post or pickup if possible. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Bank Deposit, Cash CONTACT DETAILS: PM...
  4. Notorious_Matt

    [QLD] 600x300x75 Front mount Intercooler

    DESCRIPTION: Willing to swap for a smaller FMIC or just outright sell it.. Trying to clear out all of my unnecessary car parts from my garage. ITEM: Been used on a 2003 VY Commodore and a 1988 KE Ford Laser. PRICE: $80 w/ shipping or $70 pick up LOCATION: Maryborough QLD CONDITION: Used -...
  5. menace2sobriety

    SC14 Pulley Sizes ( WHAT PSI DO I GET )

    Hey there everyone, just been browsing the pulley bros site to purchase a pulley for my setup and am wondering what boost I should be getting Basically I want about 8psi and I WILL be running an intercooler with 3" piping I don't want to buy a pulley only to find that I am now running 6PSI and...
  6. D

    best front bar to suit intercooler instal

    i was looking at getting a GTO body kit for my s/c calais i was also wanting to install a intercooler in time and was wondering if the GTO front bar would block part of the intercooler because of the pillar in the middle, would this cause any loss to the cooler? If so would it be noticable or...
  7. JA2Z

    Intercooler with Supercharger - Needed? give your opinion

    Hi, I have put an intercooler on my VR V6 Commodore that i S/C (the intercooler can in the kit). Although i does look MEAN:yeah:, I undertand what their function is but it doesn't seem to do much for the performance other than cause a bit of lag. What do you think about intercoolers...
  8. V

    V6 supercharged

    gday guys i am getting my car supercharged with the raptor pro street intercooled. it will be here next wednesday and i am gogin to fit it up myself over the weekend after i currently have a 2.5' exhaust single but i have stumbled across a twin 2.5 inch off a vz 6l which has turbo genie...