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power steering problems

  1. V

    Power Steering Problems

    Newbie here, looking for help with my power steering. Recently bought an ex-police VE, my neighbour helped me restore it to factory but then he did a choice burnout in it, the PS shat itself, and now hes too busy to fix it. I've read plenty of similar threads but I'm still not certain enough of...
  2. R

    I need a Ve guru

    Hey guys I have tried everything to fix this. Numerous mechanics and holden dealerships but still no luck. I have a 2010 VE sportwagon done 194kmz about 2 or 3 months ago I noticed the steering getting a bit tighter ( only low speeds parking and roundabouts) checked fluids no leaks everything...
  3. Aaronthestig

    VY V8 power steering cooler noise

    Hey I have just had a power steering cooler put on my ls1 vy, once the cooler was installed the car was started and air was sucked into the lines from the reservoir. ever since then the car has had an intermittent whine from the power steering pump. When this happens the reservoir fluid is very...
  4. B

    how do i remove power steering pump ?

    I have a 2007 ve omega 3.6L alloytec V6 and i need to replace the power steering pump, how do i do this???
  5. T

    lost all power steering on 95 vs statesman.

    hi. i need some help figuring out whats wrong with my power steering on my 5.0l vs statesman.. ive got no power steering what so ever, theres plenty of oil in it and no leaks.. i was driving along normally and my steering went all loose for a bit, then went completely rock solid, i can barely...
  6. 9

    Problems witth new car, help!

    hi, well i recently bought a 1994 vr berlina and i was told there were a few things wrong with it but i wasn't sure what. anyway i charged my battery because it was flat and when i went to turn it over it was just making a clicking noise and doesn't try turn over, im pretty sure the battery is...
  7. J

    VS Executive Transmission and Power Steering problems

    Hi There My 1996 VS is recently coming across some problems :( there is something wrong with my transmission since the car cant even go up my street and accelerate like it would even after Ive turned it on for about 5 min to warm it up. also while Im accelerating after i hit 3000rpm it...