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    VZ SS Thunder Brakes

    I have been looking to buy a VZ SS Thunder after mine got written off a week after I got it! Mine Jan 07 had the larger brakes front and vented disc rear. Was this an option as I have seen a few Thunders with standard brakes for sale? Thankyou
  2. Sarah walker

    Powertrain, shuttering, misfiring

    Hi, I have a vz thunder S pac Ute 2006. Once you put any power into it the powertrain light comes on and engine light whole car shutters and have to turn the car off and on. Car will also constantly misfire. Had a mechanic look it over and check the codes only think that cane up was cylinder 6...
  3. Ratbird1

    Seat belt alarm issue VE Thunder

    Hey guys recently in the last month my passenger seat belt alarm has come up on my dash and hasn’t gone away. I.E soon as I start my car it thinks someone is sitting in the seat and starts the chime. I have replaced the pre tensioner hoping it was that but no luck. The only way I can get rid...
  4. M

    Just bought a 6L VZ Thunder

    Just bought a 2006 Vz Thunder Ute (L76) Just wondering what are some small mods for power gain and faster acceleration. Apart from Otr, exhaust, tune As the Ute has 200xxx kms, I was wondering what are some common problems with the L76, I bought it dirt cheap btw! Cheers boys
  5. S

    Vz ss 6L knocking

    Hey everyone, so I recently purchased an 06 vz ss thunder ute, it has a loud knock when cold and originally thought it could be the idler pulley, But after talking with a couple of people I'm starting to think it could be the oil pump, I haven't noticed the car using any oil etc but if this is...
  6. D

    [VIC] 2012 Thunder Or GXP Maloo???

    Hey guys, So business is doing well, after i was forced to start with a slog VZ V6 manual ute cause of budget at the time, and it was the only one with a canopy, and im ready to part with her. I can budget up to $30,000 and ive driven a couple of 2011/2012 Thunders, and as one would expect...
  7. T

    Engine Mounts..

    So after my recent service a few weeks ago Holden has told me that my engine mounts are weak and need replacing, I've asked for a price to replace and have been told $690.. Do you guys think this is too much or a normal price? Cheers 2006 V6 Thunder S Ute
  8. J

    Help me out....Recommended psi for tyre

    Hello..just brought a 2011 ve commodore ute the thunder edition it has the grey19inch rims. I tested the psi and had 25 i read that it should have 36 is this true....this is the tyre info...245/40zr19 98y xl...cheers
  9. Vxcalaisv8

    UTE owners. What are your tray setups like?

    I just bought my first ute. A 2006 VZ SS Thunder with a tub liner and hard lid. I'm new to this and would like to know how everyone has their tray set up and preferences. I have a tub liner with a couple of black 25L tubs secured with some hook elastic straps to chuck bags/small items in so they...
  10. Vxcalaisv8

    MY06 VZ Thunder SS L98. Black.

    VZ SS Thunder - Album on Imgur Just bought this beauty. 2006 auto, upgrade model with PBR brake package and the L98 engine. 100k kms on the clock, leather interior and OTR Mafless tuned with 263rwkw. Very neat car, a dream to drive and a real head turner. Wouldn't mind a set of simmons fr20...
  11. 9

    2006 VZ Thunder S

    Model: VZ Thunder S Color: Phantom Black Engine: Alloytech 175 Engine Mods: Stock V6 Exhaust: Stock Gearbox: 6 Speed Manual Diff: LSD Wheels: Stock Thunder 18's Suspension: Rear ultra lows, front super lows Future Mods: Head unit and splits Tinted windows Tune
  12. T

    What stops 6 speed from going into reverse??????

    hi, i have just brought a 2012 sv6 thunder, manual ute, i have driven 5 speed manuals all my life but never a 6, i have one question, what stops me from accidently shifting into reverse when im going from 2nd to 1st. Can anyone let me know how this works im sure it is the same for every SV6...
  13. W

    [VIC] WTB: SSZ/THUNDER RIM x 1 [Poss. 2]

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Holden SSZ/Thunder S/VZ Monaro Rim LOCATION: Victoria CONDITION: Irrelevant DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will travel anywhere in Victoria to pick them up. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash/Cheque/Direct Debit CONTACT DETAILS: PM me on here or reply on the...
  14. W

    Clutch Slip

    Hey everyone, Took delivery of my thunder s last weekend, and I can't stress how much love I have for that machine :) On a sadder note, I encountered a problem of a slipping clutch just yesterday after some driving in heavy traffic and then some er, wet roads in which I accidently got a...
  15. Terminal

    [VIC] For Sale 2007 vz my06 thunder ss

    ITEM: 2007 HOLDEN UTE VZ VZ MY06 THUNDER SS LOCATION: Victoria, Melbourne, Moorabbin YEAR: 2007 MY06 12/06 SERIES: VZ BADGE: Thunder ENGINE: L98 GEN IV 6.0ltr TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: Red Hot EXTERIOR CONDITION: Immaculate Condition, Showroom Quality INTERIOR CONDITION: Always clean...