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vx berlina

  1. B

    VX series 1 or series 2

    I’m just wondering how to tell what series VX Berlina I have, as I can’t find a definitive answer online. I want to upgrade the exhaust to a Catback with hotdogs and from what I can find online the series 1 only has one cat near the floor pan and the series 2 has two cats.? All the Catback pipes...
  2. VRtoVStoVX

    Parts to remove/sell before selling car to scrap metal place

    I have a '01 VX Berlina which was listed as a write off by the insurance company due to damage to the front passenger side structure of the car, I think. The car still goes, but the engine's probably on its last legs since it's clocked over 400,000 km's. After I was slowly T-boned in the...
  3. xev_

    2001 VX Berlina - Engine Bay (Digital) Fuse Diagram for everyone

    Hey all! So my own original Fuse/Relay Diagram has practically perished so I took it upon myself to recreate it 1:1 in Photoshop and here's the result. I figured I'd share it with everyone else whom might find it handy. ;) (Dimensions to print 12.5cm x 4.5cm with 300ppi (75% Scaling was used...
  4. xev_

    2001 VX Berlina - Electrical problem? Troubleshooting help?

    Hey all, long term lurker on the forum. I own a 2001 VX Berlina, all is stock on the vehicle besides my Fusion sub (built in amp), a Kenwood KDC-U346 unit and my VY SS rims. I've never had any issue with the car until the last couple weeks when I noticed my sub stopped working. I hadn't had the...
  5. M

    Ecotec V6 Misfire

    Hey Guys, my sister has a V6 VX Berlina and there is an miss in it, its not consistent its more a random misfire and we cant find the problem. We've changed plugs, leads, coils and DFI module and there was a little improvement. Also done a comp test on it and the compression is all fine, what...
  6. A

    Vx berlina odd lights

    This morning while driving my battery light came on and the spedo , temp, fuel gauge dropped to bottom (as if car was off). At the same time the Ac powered off, the odometer flashed with current kms. After a bit all came back on. This happened several times on the 40min trip. From the first...
  7. G

    New VX Berlina Gen 3

    Hey guys I just purchased a VX Berlina today with the 5.7. For some reason cars are the only thing I cant find gadgets and extras for on the internet very successfully. So far as I know it is just Factory Standard however one thing I'd like to do is purchase leather interior. Id like to know...
  8. P

    My first car

  9. hwy747

    A professional photoshoot done on my car ... have a look

    Hey all. I had a photo shoot done on my car over the weekend, and I am pretty wrapped with how it turned out. I always thought I could take a pretty decent photo of my car.....until I saw these ones and I am humbled. Have a look at the photo's and feel free to leave feedback. The...
  10. hwy747

    My Ride VXII Berlina LS1

    Well I figured it was about time I actually posted up my car in the "my ride" section, so here it is so far ... Name: Iain Model: VX Series II Berlina Year: 2002 Colour: Delft Blue Engine Type: LS1 5.7L Engine Mods: Mafless tune, pod filter (for now), removed engine cover Diff: Stock...
  11. Gurezy

    Supply and fit a 4 point camber kit

    can anyone recommend a good place to supply and fit a 4 point camber kit in a vx berlina. has to be in the western suburbs of victoria thou haha. ive heard of a couple places but im not sure where to go cheers
  12. P

    [VIC] Wtb: Vx berlina front bumper bar

    Hi im chasing a front bar for a vx berlina im in melbourne if anyone can help please call on 0437251984 cheers shaun