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Strange Radio Behaviour

Discussion in 'Car Audio' started by MattComm, Jul 4, 2018.

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    Jul 4, 2018
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    Hi there,

    I've owned my 2006 Commodore Wagon for a little over a year now and it's been an absolute gem, but the radio/cd and lights have always acted a little weird, and gotten worse over time.

    My first issue was that when I would keep the auto lights function ON, the backlight for the radio/cd display wouldn't turn off (all other interior lights did turn off) and caused my battery to go flat on multiple occasions. I figured out that if I turned the lights all the way OFF before switching the ignition OFF then the backlight would turn off and my battery stopped going flat and I could live with that for a while.

    At my next scheduled service I asked them to check this out and they determined that my BCM was faulty and I'd eventually need a new one, which I couldn't afford to do at the time.

    Over the next 6 months until my next service it started playing up even more, and eventually got to the stage where if I switched the ignition ON while the lights were in the OFF position, the radio/cd wouldn't work at all. But, if I switched the ignition ON while the lights were in the ON position, then the audio system would come on, but only play the last thing that I had it on, which was the cd player, but none of the controls would work except volume. So I couldn't change it to radio or skip song or eject cd or even turn it off, I just had to listen to the same cd over and over. Also, when I turned the lights OFF and then the ignition OFF, the cd would continue to play, so I had to switch the ignition back ON with the lights in the OFF position, which would then turn the audio off, then I could switch the ignition back OFF. (It's ok if I've lost you here)

    Anyway, so I took it in for the a service today and had them replace the BCM, assuming (I guess wrongly) that would probably fix the issues, and getting the car back I tried switching the radio on and am still getting nothing. When I tried my trick of turning the ignition on with the lights on the radio system came on but asked me to put in the 4-digit pin, which I have, BUT none of the buttons on the system work so I can't put it in. So I've seemingly got nowhere.

    Does anyone have any ideas what might be happening? I appreciate it if anyone made it this far!


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