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VT V6 5spd wired for speedway - NO SPARK!!!


Jun 25, 2012
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Please help guys this is driving me nuts!!!!
stripped 2000 VT for speedway. all wire looms for doors lights etc removed as well as BCM, Memcal fitted with VATS removed. did the dsame job on a VR auto last year, done VT the same way...
story is I HAVE NO SPARK!!! - this car was going before i parked it up to start the build.
i cannot find the problem - im not that electrically minded so please be patient.
ive been told to replace the CAS ,but im reluctant as it was going before i parked it.
no spark at plugs, dont know how to test for injector pulse, i have limited tools....and live very very remote, check out Gove NT and youll see!
please help, im going to change the DFI and coil packs tomorrow, a quick clean today did nothing
its wired to start from battery, through kill switch, to on/off button, pwr looped into push start button, also here is wire to pink connection in key barrel and splice feed from pin 87 at start relay, so pushing the button sends pwr to start relay and pink ignition wire. this should go? it did in the VR? I have fuel up to the rail.
also hear a faint buzzing from the alternator???? when i disconnect the earth from the battery the "noise" stops?
i cant help but think this is an earth problem not a CAS problem???
pulled a plug and cranked it no spark, removed two plugs from coil and cranked it NO SPARK!!!
do i need to earth the pc/ecu to the body or does it earth through wires from the plug originally
please any help is appreciated....
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