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  1. A

    Losing my steering wheel controls

    Morning, Since the day I got my VE Calais (Series 1, non V) I've noticed that the left hand controls (change track/preset on steering wheel) scroll wheel only sometimes works, also the station or track I'm on in the digital speedo window sometimes doesn't appear. If I spam the TRIP button on...
  2. Mattde

    Exec to Calais AC Conversion?

    So this may be a stupid question but hell, it's worth a shot... Does anyone know if its possible to change the Exec model AC Dial Controls to the Digital Calais ones? Besides purchasing the button panel and centre console surround, what else would be needed? Maybe and auto electrician might...

    VY steering controls for VT Calais

    Hi guys! i installed the VY steering wheel using one of your guides and was wondering why the steering controls dont work? what is happening is, the head unit turns on and instantly mutes and wont let me do anything... its the stock head unit. is there something i missed? Thanks in...
  4. V

    vx steering wheel controls

    I have a 2001 vx executive and have a problem with the steering wheel controls, and have found out the wire behind the steering wheel is not going to anywhere. I have taken a photo of it but my intenet is slow atm will upload it later, it is the brown wire with a yellow wire with red stripe on...
  5. VjamesY

    VY Calais seats into VY Executive... Few quick questions

    Hey guys, Ive looked around the site but couldnt find the exact info required... Ok so Ive got a VY executive and being impulsive have bought a full VY Calais leather trim for my car. I was just wondering If the seats will plug straight in and work? as the Calais seems to have a...
  6. VesperZ

    Illumination for audio buttons on steering wheel

    Hey guys just a quick one, in order to illuminate the audio buttons on the steering wheel do I just have to replace my clockspring to a Calais clockspring or are there are parts involved?