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trip computer

  1. Z31na

    Captured speed trip computer screen

    Its been bugging me for months now. I have an ex police vf. On The trip computer is a "captured speed" screen. Except reseting it to zero 5 minutes after I bought the car no amount of button presses on the trip computer buttons does anything to change this screen. Having this screen enabled...
  2. Kiwifolk

    Obd2 trip computer

    Hey guys Does anyone know or has anyone tried to have a trip computer (distance travelled since reset) via the OBD2? I'm officialling at a rally and want to make it easy for the co driver to see the distance we're into the stage (this isn't essential but would be nice) without having to buy a...
  3. R

    Fuel used on trip computer ( can't find it)

    Hi all, I just picked up a VF Calais sportwagon V8.i picked it up in QLD and drove it back to Melbourne. On reading the manual, it says there is a " total fuel used since reset". I cannot seem to find it ! Does anyone know where I can find this info ? Thanks in advance
  4. danielnitschke

    Trip Meter Resets on its own! VX2

    Hello, Bloody frustrating. The trip meter in my VX Acclaim 2002 resets on its own whenever I turn the car on. Won't do it every time, but 8/10 times its back at 0.00km. Annoying when I'm trying to watch fuel consumption any ideas? Battery terminals are fine, I had to take the dash out to...
  5. Rick60

    Distance to Empty fluctuates excessively

    I realize the 'Distance to Empty' display is just an approximation based on previous speed/fuel consumption/driving style and will vary from city to highway use, but my display will vary more than 100km from one to the other or even ~50km town driving only. Let me give an example of what...
  6. M

    VT - Trip meter/odo have disappeared from MODE display

    Hi all Just had my VT serviced today and noticed when I drove it away that my trip meter and odo were missing from the display (usually odo, trip, dist to empty, overspeed when you press MODE). Trip meter is handy to have! I did the 'hidden' features with mode+right button as I turned on...
  7. H

    wiring a vr stage 3 cluster

    can anyone tell me how or point me in the right direction 2 find a wiring diagram for hookin up the 4th plug n trip computer into a vs any help would be awesome
  8. B

    sterio and trip metre wont turn off /a power window problem also

    hey fellas, i was wondering if anyone could help me with this..evan after i stut my vq off n take the keys out the ignition my trip metre on the dash and my sterio stays on?can anybody help me with this...and i have a slight power window problem also lol i had a prang in my car last yr and now...
  9. P

    Can a VR trip computer be installed in VR Lexcen

    Hello Everyone Im hoping someone can help.Im putting my poor old Lexcen (poor mans Commodore) back on the road after 3 yrs of no Licence.(driving while having too much fun) I was wondering is it possible to install a trip computer into my VR Lexcen csi? And what would I need eg different...
  10. FadeToBlack

    Trip computer [x] - no fault codes logged

    I got a second hand diff put in, an LSD with 3.7's replacing the stock 3.08 open wheeler, and the mechanic used a scan tool to change the PPK value to match the new diff. The speedo and gear changes are fine but there is a small 'x' in the left window of the trip computer which the manual says...
  11. H

    How do I remove my trpi computer switches

    How do I remove my trip computer switches from the dash? It seens the left button is buggered . I cant reset it or set the speed alert over 110ks so it beeps at me as I cruise down the F3 every day. Thanks HARPO