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  1. S

    VE SSV Air conditioning leak in boot

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a 06 VE SSV and I noticed The other day I noticed that there was a seam not seam sealed in the factory, so we went to seam seal it and noticed a puddle of water sitting in the gap below and thought it was a leak some where as there had been some recent wet...
  2. H

    Cold Air Intake, is it viable to make your own?

    Im no mechanic, but looking at some of the off the shelf products already available, they seem to be just a few pieces of pipe and a pod filter on the end. These usually go for $250+ which isn't out of the budget, but it's also at that limit where I think to myself "Well I could build one for...
  3. A

    changing the recirculation actuator manual AC

    hi guys, has anybody changed the recirculation actuator on their car? Also, is it the same part as the other 2 actuators? I understand it is a very labour intensive job and was wondering if it is possible to be done at home. Any tips or help will be appreciated.
  4. Jaz11

    Growler Cold Air Intake Question

    Hi all. I'll keep it short I drive a 2010 Sidi sv6 ute, after searching the forums why do some people hate on the ss inductions growler CAI? What's wrong with them? Surely it's better than stock? Is there anything better (that doesn't require tuning)? I'll be honest, don't care too much...
  5. Jaz11

    Exhaust Note and Cold Air Intake

    Hi all, Wanting some friendly advice, My car is a 2010 SV6 SIDI Ute and has a 2.5" Full exhaust with extractors and 4" tips and while it has a nice note when "giving it some" i was wondering if you have any tips to improve this even more and maybe give it a louder idle sound as when im parked it...
  6. B

    VE A/C Fan Speed Fluctuating

    Hey Guys, I've got an 08 Sv6 and when I turn on the A/C, the fan speed goes on full blast then fluctuates down and up for about 30 sec before returning to the speed that its set on. It works normally after that. I've done a search on the forums and tried the re-learn procedure thing, but...
  7. adam sv6

    [VIC] WTB: Stock VE Sv6/Omega air intake

    DESCRIPTION: Want to buy a stock sv6 air intake. the SS variants dont fit so dont bothering offering them... ITEM: Stock omega/sv6 air box LOCATION: Victoria. Taylors Lakes 3038. CONDITION: Good working order, new or used. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Arrange to pickup in and...
  8. C

    Best Cold Air Induction Kit for 2009 VE SV6

    Just wondering what the best cold air induction kit for a 09 VE sv6 is and offers the most performance?
  9. B

    air coming from drivers side door/window

    it sound like theres air getting in somewhere im not sure if this is normal and only just noticed it now or if its the door seals or something else? its very annoying i recently got new speakers installed in the doors if that might cause something like this any help would be great thanks :)
  10. E

    Strange sound inside the car.

    i got a 96 executive and when ever i drive i seem to hear a weird sound coming from the front passenger side door, sounds to me like its around the speaker pod area. pretty much just sounds like air is coming through somewhere, like a hissing noise. and it only happens when i put my foot...
  11. V

    Air flow direction changer problem

    Hey all, I have a 2001 vx commodore and recently the nob that changes the direction of air flow (face, feet, front demister, etc.) has stopped working. :cry: It's stuck on the front demister... I've tried replacing the whole cluster but still no luck. Any ideas at what might be the...
  12. minux

    VY LS1 Aircon Idler

    Anyone know what size hex(torx whatever they are called) key i need to remove this sucker...don't really want to buy an entire large set! Thanks
  13. N

    Air Intake / Throttle Body Sound

    When I accelerate while driving, there is a loud sound coming from my air intake system / throttle body. It comes on suddenly when accelerating and is distinctly louder than the normal sound it should be making. I have heard my air intake could be sucking in air from a small hole or gap...
  14. A


    just experimenting with the air intake on a vy commodore. would this setup work to my advantage? ive seen this on another car before. ive cut the bottom of the snorkel to let air in through the grill and into the air intake rather than trying to cram it all under the closed hood.
  15. A

    AIR INTAKE MOD COMPLETE - Better than 2-hole mod?

    ladz i have been playing around with my intake today and this is what ive come up with. an aluminium pipe leading from my air box to the ground in order to take in as much cold air as possible I, like a lot of other people dont believe in the 2 hole mod for various reasons. As for...