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wm caprice

  1. J

    Legal wheel size for Holden wm/ve

    Hi just wanting to get some information on this topic. so I’m about to buy vertini dynasty 20” wheels with 8.5 fronts and 10” rears, I just needed to know if anyone can give me some info on if they would be legal. I have a stock ride hight and am just looking to get a bit better look than stock...
  2. F

    VE v6 tuning and longevity / reliability

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience and feedback regarding tuning a v6 alloytec. I was thinking of getting an OTR, tune, cams and maybe an exhaust (very big maybe on the exhaust). Im not really after power figures as such but just to change up the ride i suppose. I...
  3. LachieCaprice


    Hey Guys Looking to buy a wm caprice and had a few questions The one I’m looking at has 250,000 km 6.0 L Do u think that’s to many kms Should I check anything specific other than oil, radiator level , transmission selecting ok Any help much I’m greatly thankful for
  4. Mrs1nk

    WM Caprice Head Unit.

    Hi guys, Long shot here. I have a 09 WM Caprice, my head unit is getting a bit dodgy & is having alot of screen issues. Today I managed to grab a unit out of another caprice at a wreckers. How much of a issue will it be to program this thing? Could I just change the faces or do the faces on...
  5. Anonymous11

    Wm caprice 6L v8 headlights

    hey all, I have a wm caprice, the front left inner bulb stopped working so I tried it through the ride head light both globes work in the right head light but neither work through the left headlight was seeing if anyone’s had something similar happen or may know the cause?
  6. F

    WM caprice brake upgrade

    Hey guys, Disclaimer - im very very new to holden modifications and have just recently gotten more into it. Please excuse the dumb questions. So im just trying to personalise my car a bit, its a 2007 wm caprice v6 (yes i know but im on p's). Ive smacked new wheels on it (20x8.5 front and 20x10...
  7. R

    Wm caprice heater issue

    Hi guys I was wondering if anyone could shead some light on my problem. My heater in my 2008 wm caprice is blowing hot air from the passenger side and cold air from the drivers side and rear seats. The actuator on the drivers side seems to be working fine but it's still blowing out cold air. Has...
  8. N

    WM caprice chrome moldings

    Hello All! Please help me find the part numbers and any online sources for WM caprice chrome door moldings. The chrome strip that runs from the lower door side to the bumpers. Many thanks in advance.
  9. G

    Wm Caprice idling rough!!

    Hi guys, I'm hoping someone can help me, I have a 2011 WM Caprice 6.0 V8 and its idling a little bit rough when cold, and when it heats up, when I'm in traffic starting and stopping it gets a lot worse to the point where my engine management light and ESP light comes on. When these lights are on...
  10. S

    Tires n rims myths and facts WM Caprice but applicable to VE's

    so I went to several tire joints, and I rambled off these questions... and I think the rubber causes brain cell loss. I asked .cCan we fit 9.5 width on the front of my wm and he said "what do you think?... so instead Like a lot of guys I have resorted to conglomerate consensus of you lot (and...
  11. S

    WM Caprice 22" Inch Tires Help

    hey guys i take delivery of a new caprice in a bit so dashing through my list of mods:surprise: ive found a set of rims i think are awsome.. 22inch Khan Tunning rims meant for a Range Rover Sport with correct bolt pattern:idea: , only problem i can see is that the tires AREN'T sold staggered...
  12. smitheyes

    [VE] WM Caprice High Beam Light Upgrade

    After searching the net and not finding any information on this decided to go it alone. Have read several threads on the poor quality headlights on the latest statesman & caprice models and was not happy myself with the high beam on my 2007 WM Caprice. Just to set things straight Holdens state...
  13. B

    BADNWS 2007 WM Caprice ~ Now With Coilovers ~ Soon to be Cammed!

    New Pics & a vid ~ Now With Coilovers ~ Soon to be Cammed! Hey all have a look at my 6L Caprice let me know waht you think. Specs: 6L Gen IV V8 puts out just under 300kw (244kw at the wheels) X-Force 4 into 1: 1”5/8 primary , 2.5” secondary x-Force Stainless Steel dual 2.5” cat back...
  14. smitheyes

    VE mirrors & B-pillar Mouldings to WM

    Im looking at chrome Mirror covers and chrome b-pillar door mouldings on e-bay they suit ve commies can anyone tell me if the mirrors and b-pillar mouldings on my wm caprice are the same as the ve commodores. NEW Genuine HOLDEN VE~Chrome Mirror Covers~SS/HSV/CHEV - eBay Mirrors, Exterior, Car...