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Could YOU be an installer? *huge mofo post*

Discussion in 'Car Audio' started by Tasmaniak, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. Crunkz0r

    Crunkz0r Wagon driver

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    Sep 22, 2006
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    VR exec Wagon v6 auto
    Hey man, nice thread you got here... i am going to have to pay somebody to install my head unit, (and amp/s and subwoofer/s aswell if my dad can't) i'd like to know that it is in the hands of professionals who really know what they are doing and not just some young kids who are just experimenting with it.

    Half of my dad's career was being an audio/visual technician and the other half is a security technician (neither are automotive). I never realised how complicated all the sound stuff is untill i asked my dad afew questions about it. I ask him something simple like "which ohm rating for rms is better? 4 ohms or 2 ohms" and he explains to me in every little detail what an ohm is and what the ohm's law is and then he explains some more about distortion and a whole bunch of stuff i just can't understand without some sort of education in the field. I can never remember it, hes just like an old man raving on about his childhood or something. It's amazing how complex sound really is. I think qualifications are vital for installers considering that there are potential fire and/or electric shock hazards involved.
  2. evil_monkey

    evil_monkey New Member

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    Aug 15, 2005
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    well be carefull with these so called "professionals" crunkzor im by far not an audio installer and dont claim to now a hell of a lot 12voltking seems to know his stuff but unfortunatly a lot of guys that charge big bux dont.

    i did a heap of shopping around paid a grand to get $4500 worth of stereo equip installed in my vt (seemed to be the going rate at big reputable car stereo places and they done a shitty job appearance and sound wise

    i decided to have a go at it myself in the vs sedan cause i ripped all the audio gear out when i went to sell the car and the system itself sounds clearer and goes harder than it ever did in the vt (just need to neaten up the excess wiring in the boot when i have a spare couple of hours on a slow weekend) also i havent blown a fuse yet which i used to blow countless fuses in the vt when i had the same system in it also used to overheat on hot days and stop working compleatly and yep havent had that problem either

    WILD VR CLUBBY lack of licence

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    Sep 12, 2005
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    2004 vy s
    i thought i would give it a go
  4. codyv

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    Jan 6, 2017
    dover, delaware
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    What are the four different electronic properties you will encounter?
    1, Amps, volts, ohms and joules
    2, Power, voltage, direct current, alternating current
    3, Resistance, voltage, ohms, inductance
    4, Voltage, current, resistance, power
    5, None of the above

    What is voltage?
    1, The rate of electron flow through a given point
    2, The electrical pressure that moves charged particles in a circuit
    3, The conductivity that various materials possess
    4, The relationship between current, resistance and power
    5, The conversion of energy into work over a certain period of time

    Which of the following cannot be determined by Ohm's Law?
    1, If a certain gauge wire is too small
    2, If the voltage supplied to an amplifier is too low
    3, If the system requires a more powerful amplifier
    4, If a higher output alternator is needed
    5, All of the above are correct

    Using a multimeter, you can measure current and voltage, but you cannot directly measure resistance in a live circuit.
    1, True
    2, False

    A Watt represents the conversion of one joule per second into:
    1, Light
    2, Heat
    3, Sound
    4, All of the above answers are correct

    What is the impact of Kirchoff's Voltage Law if there is a poorly crimped terminal in the installation?
    1, There is no impact
    2, One Volt dropped through a connector will reduce Voltage to the equipment by One Volt
    3, One Volt dropped through a connector will reduce Voltage to the equipment by two Volts (1:2 ratio)
    4, One Volt dropped through a connector will reduce Voltage to the equipment by three Volts (1:3 ratio)
    5, There is an impact, but it is too low to measure

    Which of the following is a characteristic of a resistor?
    1, Resists the flow of electrons
    2, Can be added to a signal cable to reduce the input signal voltage to an amplifier
    3, Can reduce the amount of power to a speaker
    4, Converts electrical energy to heat
    5, All of the above are correct

    An Electrolytic capacitor is known for its excellent sound quality and is used for the higher crossover frequencies.
    1, True
    2, False

    How do you determine the total resistance of a circuit?
    1, Add up all of the resistances
    2, Multiply all of the resistances
    3, Add the two highest resistances and divide by the lowest resistance
    4, divide the voltage into the current
    5, multiply the voltage by the current

    What does a passive crossover for a basic two-way system consist of?
    1, Two passive filters
    2, One passive filter and one active filter
    3, One capacitor for the tweeter and one inductor for the woofer
    4, One bandpass filter
    5, One passive filter and one relay

    According to Ohm's Law, if you want to calculate current you would:
    1, Take the square root of the resistance times the voltage
    2, Divide the resistance into the voltage
    3, Multiply the resistance and voltage
    4, Divide the voltage into the resistance

    What is the general rule regarding power and signal leads?
    1, Always run power and signal leads next to each other
    2, Depending on the installation, it is acceptable to cross the battery lead
    3, Run the wiring parallel to the car's factory wiring for ease of routing
    4, Depending on the installation, it is acceptable to cross the battery lead
    5, All of the above answers are correct

    Ground loops are the most frequent cause of noise problems in car audio installations.
    1, True
    2, False

    When should you use crimp connectors in installations?
    1, Always
    2, For the power lead
    3, For speaker connections
    4, Never

    How do you test for alternator whine?
    1, Turn the audio system on, turn the volume all the way down, then rev the engine
    2, Turn the audio system off, the rev the engine
    3, Use a noise sniffer
    4, Use a digital multimeter
    5, All of the above techniques can be used to test for alternator whine

    Which of the following is the best diagnostic tool for use on a brand new car with a computer-controlled ignition, computerized climate control system and a trip computer?
    1, VOM (volt-ohm meter)
    2, Test light
    3, DMM (digital multimeter)
    4, Hydrometer

    If you want to check the amperage draw of a component or security system brain, and the suspect component is not blowing the supplied fuse, you should set your amperage scale on your VOM to a range above the fuse rating of the component.
    1, True
    2, False

    Which type of fire extinguisher is best suited for a mobile electronics shop?
    1, Type A
    2, Type B
    3, Type C
    4, Halon
    5, All of the above are acceptable

    What is the first step involved in troubleshooting for system noise problems?
    1, Eliminating the source of the problem
    2, Identifying the type of noise
    3, Determining the various makes and models of products in the system
    4, Finding out when the problem was first noticed

    At what frequency is the human ear most sensitive?
    1, 25 Hz to 35 Hz
    2, 100 Hz to 250 Hz
    3, 1,000 Hz to 2,000 Hz
    4, 15,000 Hz to 20,000 Hz

    What is sympathetic vibration?
    1, Noise made by processors
    2, The natural resonance of an object
    3, Distortion
    4, Ignition noise

    An audio signal is an electrical representation of what?
    1, Sound wave
    2, Octave
    3, Potentiometer
    4, Inductance

    Destructive interference refers to two speakers whose sound waves are working against each other and are out of phase by:
    1, 45 degrees
    2, 90 degrees
    3, 180 degrees
    4, 270 degrees
    5, 360 degrees

    A magnetic Reed Switch, also called a magnetic proximity switch:
    1, Uses magnetic force to cause a set of contacts to connect
    2, Uses Kinetic energy to open and close a set of contacts
    3, Has input for multiple switch triggers
    4, Can replace the use of a relay

    The most common device to interrupt a vehicle's starter is a:
    1, Electronic switching capacitor
    2, Heavy duty diode
    3, Electromagnetic switch
    4, Pulse timer

    An impact sensor the best device to detect breaking glass during a break-in attempt?
    1, True
    2, False

    A pulse or unversal timer can be used to:
    1, Remove unwanted EMI from your security system
    2, Add a pulsed output for alternating flashing parking lights
    3, Convert a momentary duration pause into a longer or shorter duration signal
    4, Reverse the pulse from negative to positive for door triggers

    A glass-mount antenna will transmit and receive best:
    1, When mounted over two defogger grids
    2, When it is mounted over an FM antenna grid
    3, When mounted between or above the defogger grids
    4, When placed at a 45 degree angle to the ground plane

    Extending the length of the RG58 coax cable supplied by the manufacturer can result in as much as 3dB of signal loss.
    1, True
    2, False

    The small holes on the side of the hands-free microphone are commonly used for...
    1, Decoration
    2, Noise canceling
    3, The mounting clip
    4, Water drainage

    Painting a cellular antenna mast with car paint typically causes up to 1 dB of signal loss.
    1, True
    2, False

    Which of the following materials will not attenuate the signal from a GPS Antenna:
    1, Metallic window tint
    2, Line defrosters
    3, Electrically heated windshields
    4, Factory pigment tinted glass

    The best choice of mounting position for the GPS antenna is:
    1, Under the trunk lid
    2, Under the hood
    3, Under the headliner
    4, On the rear deck or dash
    5, On the center console

    The length of antenna cable on a GPS receiver is:
    1, Unmatched
    2, Preset
    3, Random
    4, Uncorrelated

    A true VSS signal will vary in proportion with:
    1, Engine temperature
    2, Engine RPM
    3, Ignition voltage
    4, Battery voltage
    5, Vehicle speed

    When testing a digital VSS with a DMM set to a minimum 30VDC range, the DMM display should:
    1, Fluctuate between 5 to12 volts with tire rotation
    2, Starts at 12 volts and rises as tire rotation increases
    3, Change between 0 and 5 to12 with the engine running
    4, Increase from 0 volts as the engine RPM increases
  5. JMP

    JMP Well-Known Member

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    Jun 14, 2010
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    VY 5.7 Berlina
    For basic stereo installs most of this knowledge is not needed, if you follow instruction manuals you should be ok most of the time and obviously you need to have a bit of basic knowledge or common sense on how to wire things. I see it in all trades where someone thinks they can pick up a hand tool and all of a sudden they're experts, yes it can be annoying but I believe that most people are capable of doing things if they give it a shot. I don't pretend to be an expert in auto electrics but I have done a few stereo installs over the years, probably the biggest was installing 20 grand worth of gear in my statesman nearly 20 years ago, I've never set a car on fire and I've never had any problems with my work. I did have mates in the trade so when I wasn't 100% sure on something I asked. For complicated stuff I don't bother but when it comes to stereo installs I think basic knowledge should see you succeed.

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