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Wanted: Advice for Building Custom Utility/Storage Box into VR Ute Tray


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May 16, 2009
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Dunedin, New Zealand
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'94 S VR 3.8 Ute
Hey I'm looking at building a lockable storage box into the plastic tough-deck tray liner of my '94 VR S-Pac Ute. I want to be able to lock a bit of gear up on the tray, but because my ute has a fibreglass sail, as you can see in my profile picture, a hard tonneau cover is not an option. I've looked at a lot of ute tool boxes, but all of them are just rectangular in shape and don't utilise the extra room provided by the tray jutting into the cab.
My idea is to have a lid hinged off the sill below the rear window, about 300mm wide, which would meet up with a upright partition. I was also thinking of having this upright partition hinged in the middle so that items larger than 300mm wide could fit into the box, and maybe hinged at the bottom so it could fold completely flat if I want to use the whole length of the deck. This design would basically incorporate the plastic tough-deck as the sides, bottom and back of the box, so I wouldn't be wasting any space. I'm thinking of using some sort of solid black plastic, about 20mm thick, for the building material.
I'll be trying to keep the cost down, as I'm a uni student, but definitely want a finished product that is going to look good and not degrade the look of my ute.
This is an idea that I've had since buying the ute about a month ago, but I'm after some suggestions/feedback/advice before I go ahead, as I'm not fully sure if this is the right way to go. I've searched the internet high and low for anything similar to this and was surprised to find nothing. Any help would be much appreciated.