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  1. S

    [QLD] Diagnostics mode temp gauge

    Hi all, when I activate the diagnostics mode in my 02 VX the temperature gauge goes just below the halfway mark as it would when its at full temperature. I was under the impression that this mode was to test all your lights/temp/fuel gauge etc. But when I am driving my car the temp gauge doesn't...
  2. Wickham_1995

    Aftermarket Gauge Problem

    I was just wondering if anyone could help me out here. I bought a few gauges and i've got most working bar one, the coolant temperature gauge. It's fairly straight forward to wire up but still can't get it to work properly. There are four wires; positive, negative, gauge color and sensor...
  3. H

    VX Climate Control HVAC, air mix motor for hot/cold mix flap replacement

    Hey folks searched the forums and finally decided to ask the question before I go start dismantling things, does anyone have photos of the Climate Control HVAC in or out of the car with a good view of the air mix motors that control the hot/cold mix and have perhaps even replaced one themselves...
  4. C

    temperatures for a commodore

    just wondering what are the temperatures a commodore would be running while drive for water temp oil temp and any others like between __-__
  5. KrisHolden

    VZ Temp Fluctuates in Traffic

    Hello Problem: Temp fluctuates randomly (not every time) when in stand-still traffic on 30min+ journeys. Temp raises fairly fast to the H position, a warning sounds and the system corrects itself. So about 4 months ago, when it first happened, Kmart bled my cooling system to ensure no air...
  6. D

    VT: Dashboard says it overheats, quickly cools down again, and then repeats. help!

    Hi guys, Really hoping someone could let me know what the most likely cause of this is as I'd love to not have to take it to a mechanic! Not that i'm that mechanically skilled, but if it's just a sensor issue or something, hopefully one of the experts on this site might be able to point me in...
  7. BakeTheTank

    (VY) Coolant Pipe Burst? Overheating Engine

    Hey Guys Driving around last night,(first time in 8 hours) all of a sudden Engine Temp Error comes up on my Cluster. I pull over and check my coolant and its run dry, i fill it up, and let my engine cool. I take off again and the temperature starts getting extrememly high again, i pull over...
  8. C

    Leaking boot

    I have noticed whenever I open my boot, water drips out and sinks into the back. My spare has become all rusted and useless. Would this be an issue with seals in the boot? *also my car has started to overheat often. What would potential causes of this be? Any assistance is appreciated.
  9. C

    temperature gauge problem after installing CAI!!

    i own a 2004 vz commodore and just recently installed an ss grolwer kit. after installing that, a few days later i started experiencing some temperature gauge fluctuations it would go from cold to a quarter, then up to hot, then back down to half and back up again. during installation i may...
  10. S

    V6 Ecotec overheats in first 5-10mins of starting, then fine for rest of journey

    Hi All, VX S pack with V6 Ecotec At least twice a week for the past month or so, will start car in morning, be driving for 5-10 minutes and will then hear temperature warning beep. Temperature gauge will show very high (nealry maxed out) and I'll pull over straight away, then as soon as I...
  11. VK SL 3800

    Which Radiator?

    I am going to buy a new radiator for my VK pretty soon but after reading around i have found that some people think that more cores is not always better. Anyway all i want to know is whether to go a 3 core or the slightly more expensive 4 core, i would have thought the more the...
  12. arrow224

    [VP v6] What is normal temperature?

    OK, so VP Berlina, s1 V6, no mods at all. I know very, very little about what goes on under the bonnet. For the past bit-under-a-year that I have had it, the temperature gauge has not run above the first major tick: . It never got above this, no matter what I was doing, what the outside...
  13. N

    VP Fuel Economy and Temperature gauge :(

    My 1993 VP executive V6 gets 16.4L per 100km at best, it idles a bit rough and the temperature gauge is always saying its cool. Anyone reckon these problems are all linked? wheels are aligned and balanced also most people think i should replace the O2 sensor but i dont wanna replace it...