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  1. N

    Rear clunking sound when hitting bumps!

    A new day, a new problem in my commie. I have bought and fixed everything that's related to the undercarriage of the car, and that includes control arms, most of the bushings, engine & tranny & diff & suspension mounts, etc... Now, I hear a squeaking coming from the rear left side when driving...
  2. Miickyy

    Pleaseeeee help, clunking noise.

    Hey guys I'm seriously on the verge of either selling my piece of sh**t Vx ss or putting a brick through it... The **** box recently developed a wierd clicking/clunking sound from rear right wheel which is annoying coz it goes and comes when it feels like it. I've replaced diffs and I've...
  3. Ben McCann

    VE Suspension Noise

    Hi all, Now I know there are several threads already on what I am about to describe however I am hoping that I can get to the bottom of whatever is making this noise. There's a link below showing the noise in its typical state (this wasn't a bumpy section of road either). It appears to...
  4. S

    VXII random clunking started all of a sudden

    I bought my VXII 2001 Acclaim 10 days ago. It's done 186000km, full service & repair records - well looked after. Today out of nowhere this weird random clunking started. At first I thought it was coming from the back, I can't be sure but it seemed to come from the front as well. I felt it but...
  5. V

    Please Please Please Read and Help me ! Oil Pressure Problem!!!

    Hey guys please take the time to read the information i have about my problem: I have a Holden VZ Executive 2005 3.6L Alloytec Auto. My car was running fine, no oil problems no clunking sounds no nothing. I left the car off for two days while i was spray painting the wheels, and when...
  6. W

    Clicking steering rack - VX

    Hey people, i've noticed my steering rack clicks when i move the steering wheel quickly back and forth.. ive had an annoying clunk in my front end when going around turns, just wondering if the steering rack can make noises like that? it also makes a bit of a clunk going over speed humps...
  7. W

    VX - Clunking coming out of turns..

    Hi all!! been having a bit of drama with my VX S pack, whenever I come out of a turn such as roundabouts, i'm hearing a clunk from the front end.. I've replaced the sway link bars cuz they were shot, but that wasn't the issue. I've also had the castor rod bushes (front and back) replaced...
  8. V

    Strange Ratcheting/clunking noise similar to CV noise under front VE 2009

    I have a strange ratcheting clunking noise under the front of the VE "Intermittent" Seems to be when IN OR BETWEEN 1st-2nd cogs. Starts with a loud click then kinda ratchets 5 or 6 times before settling down and seemingly returning to normal??? Anyone got any suggestions as to what...
  9. A

    Steering clunk

    There is a clunking sound coming from the front end somewhere when I turn the car at slow to medium speeds. I've recently had the front struts replaced and also changed the sway bar link pins. I've bought new engine mounts which I plan on installing this week-end. Not sure if that will fix the...
  10. K

    Loud clunking noise from rear wheels comes and goes.

    I am hoping somebody will be able to help me with this problem, I am a female, so no nothing apart from what mechanics etc tell me. I have a VZ SV6 which has been lowered to its minimum. There is a loud knocking, clunking, clicking noise coming from the rear wheels. It comes and goes and got...