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harmonic balancer

  1. VFSSBlackLS3

    VF LS3 harmonic balancer

    I purchased my LS3 VF SS about a month and a half ago... since purchasing it I've noticed that occasionally it idles a little bit rough on start... there isn't any noise, or lack of power, just a lumpy idle... But just yesterday on closer inspection I noticed that the harmonic balancer had a...
  2. scbh81

    Oil Leak behind harmonic balancer

    Hi guys please see attached video of an oil leak after the front crank seal was replaced. Do you think the mechanic stuffed it up? It's pretty bad .There is always a puddle after a days driving. Is there anywhere else it can leak from?
  3. J

    Bolt for remover snapped in harmonic banlancer

    Hi. My step dad tried to use a harmonic balancer remover in the process of replacing CAS but snapped one of the 3 bolts inside it. I don't suppose there is any way of removing it now without damaging the harmonic balancer? 96 VS Commodore.
  4. J

    Ls3 Harmonic Balancer

    Any one any good with Ls Harmonic Balancers ? I am replacing my harmonic balancer on my ls3. I have pulled the old one off but I can’t press the new one on. It’s a Auto so I can’t lock up the engine and I also can’t get it on enough to put the bolt on and pull it in. Any suggestions ??
  5. Z

    VS Ute Harmonic Balancers - Wrong One?

    G'day All, Is it possible to fit the wrong Harmonic Balancer to a vs ute? I was under the impression that the VR, VS and VT balancers were the same?
  6. JadeQ

    Auto wrecker screwed me!

    Ok guys, i just had to replace my harmonic balancer on my vy (v6) due to the front CAS seal pissing out oil. Anyway in the proccess of getting the original harmonic balancer off it got a bit messed up. So I called the auto wrecker and he had one waiting for me got someone to travel an hour to go...
  7. C

    Need a new harmonic balancer

    I am needing a harmonic balancer for a vp exec sedan 92 model and am seeing that there are harmonic balancers that fit up to engine number 1274843 I have engine number 1268618. Does anyone know if the 127 version will be compatible with my engine... Thanks in advance
  8. F

    V6 Crank Shaft Pulley - Death Rattle

    Hi all, For a while now, my V6 VR has been running rough and shaking the engine in low revs, sounding and running like the timing is off. Code 56 "Lean under Load" keeps on being logged too. Whilst driving, a loud noise came from the engine and chunks of rubber were coming off the crank...
  9. D

    [General] How To Remove and Install the Harmonic Balancer on a VR Commodore

    Hey guys, The Harmonic Balancer on our 1994 VR Commodore was rattling and needed removing and replacing with a new one. After browsing the forums here & on youtube we decided we could do it ourselves, which we did successfully. So we thought we would share how we went about it. Parts...
  10. V

    Harmonic balancer refitting

    Hey, I have a vs 97 auto, i have a small problem, my crank angle sensor stuffed up, I got the balancer off easy enough and replaced the sensor now I can't get the balancer to align up properly, I've tried just slipping it on a little bit and turning it to try and lock it into the key and the...
  11. JetJackson

    VN Timing Case gasket replacement

    I thought I had finished messing with my VN s1 V6, but we all know what thought did. A few days after what I thought was the completion, I found there was still a slight coolant leak and traced it to the gasket between the timing case and block, just behind the water pump - bottom radiator...
  12. W

    VR V6 engine vibe after harmonic change

    Hi all, Last week my harmonic balancer went. I had it changed - secondhand part by the way - since then it vibrates - almost like missing - from idle then gradually less noticeable as revs increase. So: not doing this before the harmonic repair. Any idea - just trying to save some...