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vt calais

  1. R

    Vt s2 Calais 2000 model Fault codes 46,64,67,81and 82

    Hi I have a 2000 VT Calais that is throwing fault codes 46, 64, 67, 81 and 82 the vehicle has intermittent starting issues - cranks but wont start. Wondering if anyone has had/seen this before and can help me out please? TIA
  2. G

    vt calais rough idle at cold start for few seconds

    Hi guys have recently done the fuel pump and filter also has a new battery, alternator tested ok car ran great for a week after doing pump now when cold I'm getting a rough idle for a few seconds then car runs perfectly. I have heard that this could be a sign of a bad fuel pump but as I've just...
  3. A

    VT Calais engine knocking noise.

    so my vt decided to start making a horrid metallic knocking noise, wanted to see what you guys say I'll put a list of what we know about it. Only dose it in gear after about 5 mins of driving. Driving for 15-20 mins the engine shuts off and I loss all power, need to be jump started at this...
  4. R

    VT Calais front passenger side door does not open from the outside

    Hi, I have a 98 VT Calais which on the front passenger side opens from the inside okay but does not open from the outside. I've had a look at some videos and instructions on how to remove the door trim which I will have a go at tonight to see if I can figure out what is wrong. But I...
  5. R

    Question about changing break pads on vt calais 98

    Hi All, Last night I got the back wheels off my VT Calais in preperation to replace the brake pads. I have read on some cars that you can replace the break pads without the need to unbolt the calipers however on the VT Calais 98 I don't think that can be done. It looks to me like the best way...
  6. VTL67Calais

    front LH injector replaced still not firing, what it stopping my FlH injector??

    Hi have replaced -belts pulleys bla bra -electical -leads -plugs -injectors -coils Motor sounds like one cylinder missing and when i pull on each injector lead the motor gets worse except ( number 1 cylinder )LRH when sitting in car. So my guess is its...
  7. J

    99 vt calais auto, no speedo & stuck in 2nd gear

    I have a 99 calais automatic, currently stuck in second gear, speedo not working & no codes coming up. Firstly we serviced & replaced all transmission solenoids, replaced speed sensor, new alternator and still nothing changed. Any ideas? Mechanic now ordered another instrument cluster as he...
  8. Scheme

    Fitting 3" Spacers to Front only?

    Hey all, I have a 1989 VN Exec V6 Sedan. I picked up a set of VT Calais International wheels for it, but upon fitting them to the car I've come to find the centre-caps wont fit on the front due to the dust-caps on the hubs. My concern is safety over the look. I already feel "unsafe" driving...
  9. P

    cracked a hose?

    So I'm going to open this with the fact I don't know a whole lot about cars but want to learn. Point is; I've cracked a hose in my car and want to know how seriously is, cause it seems quite serious. Don't know how to post photos, but my car is a 1998 VT Calais, ecotec v6 auto completely stock...
  10. S

    VT Cruise Control Problem. Intermittently powers off with 'tick' noise under dash...

    Hi All, Tried a lot of the advice on here already re Cruise Control faults. Mine will work OK, then just suddenly turn off. Not just cancel cruising speed, but the cruise control system powers off. All cruise indicator lights on the dash go out and there is an audible 'tick' noise from...
  11. S

    VT Calais Supercharged V6

    Hey all, I have a VT Calais Supercharged V6. Mechanically it is sound but the body has some rust and the interior is in fair condition given it's age. I have 2 questions: Is this motor sought after? Where would be the best place to find potential buyers? I need to have a NSW rego...
  12. Miss_VT

    L67 Hunting

    Hey Guys, My Calais is having a few issues, The supercharger is screwed so I don't have the belt on it atm and it's idling rough sometimes. I got into it today and for some reason it was hunting for idle which it's never done before and when I'd try to make it up to 60km's it would shake like...
  13. H

    VT Calais Engine Turning Off

    Hi, I am having a problem with my VT Calais's engine randomly turning off and not starting again for a while. All the electronics stay on when this happens and when I try to start it again I can hear the starter motor trying to start but that's all. Also, the car seems to rev roughly every...
  14. J

    How to fix codes 57 & 76 on my vt Calais

    Hi there guys I have a question about my vt Calais ok I have a vt Calais on gas and petrol and I did the paper clip trick and got codes 57 ( injector power supply monitor voltage variation terminal a4 ) and 76 ( air/fuel ratio variation between left and right banks ) does anyone know what this...
  15. D

    Heavy steering - 99 VT Calais

    Hi... I have a 99 VT Calais. A couple of times lately, my steering has become quite heavy. It seems to fix itself pretty quick (a few minutes) when I get going but obviously there is a problem there somewhere. I have a slight leak in the steering pump but fluid levels are fine. Is it likely to...
  16. C

    vt calais 97 flat spots

    when im cruising at about 60 and accelorate raising my revs to around 2000 rpm i get flat spots and it doesent stop unless i put my foot right into it, or cruise.
  17. C

    vt calais 97 flat spots

    when im cruising at about 60 and accelorate raising my revs to around 2000 rpm i get flat spots and it doesent stop unless i put my foot right into it, or cruise.
  18. JAKE-26

    [VIC] WTB- VT Calais/Berlina rear garnish

    ITEM: Rear center garnish to suit vt. looking for a Calais or Berlina (i think) garnish. PRICE: Cheaper the better LOCATION: vic 3136 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Happy to drive a bit but if too far post PAYMENT OPTIONS: whatever CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM, Thread OTHER INFO...
  19. T

    vt v6 to v8 calias dash question conumdrum

    hi guys thought id start a new thread cause the old one got a bit off topic but.. if im putting a 5L in my v6 vt calais than how oh how do i keep my fancy calais dash? im tippn it goes like this: plonk motor in (easy) slap 5L auto ECU from donor car (non calais) replace v6 calais...
  20. B

    Vt Calais 98 model headlight issue/

    Hi, If some could help me with this problem it would be much appreciated. I have a vt calais 98 model, when i switch the headlights on and use high beams the right headlight dims (almost off) and also the same problem if i switch the fog lamps on the right headlight and right fog lamp dim...