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Re-Programming VT Commodore Key

Discussion in 'VT - VX Holden Commodore (1997 - 2002)' started by liam_p, Apr 9, 2011.

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    Jun 21, 2014
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    2002 VY L67 Calais Sedan, 2012 VE L77 Calais Wagon
    If anyone who is in South East Suburbs of Melbourne [Bayside Area], I will program in your new Key Head for VT > VZ for a fee, being you need to use your original Key Blade.
    Don't be a cheapskate and buy cheap non-genuine Key Heads, or the cheap and nasty Replacement Shells, or replacement buttons as the may work at the start, but will eventual fail, the replacement silicon buttons also don't last, as they fall out, and/or wear through. I tried the replacement shells, and silicon buttons myself after a friend told me about them, and ended up throwing them out.
    I ended up buying 4 x Genuine 3 Button Keys Heads from a Locksmith in Camberwell, 2 for myself, and 2 for a friend, we transferred the existing Key Blades over to the new Key Heads, programmed 2 into each car, and neither have faulted once, and that was 18 months ago, the rest is history.
    If you like your Holden as much I do, and only like using Genuine Parts, At least buy a decent Key Remote that will out-last the knockoffs, the cheap and nasty remotes will fail when you least expect it, and that's when you will look back and think, why did I buy that tight a*** remote.
    The cost will be $40, I will make a donation of each programming job to Just Commodores, if that doesn't encourage you to buy Genuine, what will, if you not serious about genuine parts, you are probably not serious about your Holden.
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