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head gasket

  1. I

    White smoke and an overheating months back. Please read and give opinion

    So i was in an accident earlier this year (around February if I remember correctly). It wasn't a write off and i got my sv6 (LLT) fixed. Mechanically, all it needed was a new radiator as I had front end damage. The place that RAC insurance got the car repaired at (Mandurah Panel and Paint) took...
  2. A

    I've blown a head gasket.

    I've blown a head gasket on my series 1 VR, I've got almost everything to do it but I have a couple questions before I go tearing into it. What sealant should I use on the head bolts? Gasket goo or rtv, where and why. Where can I find the torque specs for a series 1 Buick? And last but...
  3. O

    08 head gasket replacement

    Hi, first time post here. I think I have a blown head gasket. I'm going through a lot of coolant and every now and then I'm losing a little bit of power while I'm driving and it's slowly but surely getting worse, but I'm not 100% sure if my head gasket is gone. I would like to know what I have...
  4. T

    Rough Idle after head gasket replacement

    Hi Folks, Just wanna say thanks for all the posts that have helped me up to this point, I always seem to find the answer to my questions through a post or two on here. Now, to the point: My head gasket failed after issues with a leaking radiator, there was no milky oil but I found...
  5. R

    VX Head gaskets replacement

    Hey people. I have a VX Supercharged L67. Just wondering if i need to replace head bolts whilst replacing head gaskets? Thanku for any advice.
  6. F

    URGENT HELP 2002 v6 manual vx commodore

    really need a tutorial video on how too change the head gasket on my 2002 manual v6 vx commodore CANNOT FIND ANY TUTORIALS OR PICTURE INSTRUCTIONS OR ANYTHING pls help we have half of it out DESPERATE FOR some advice
  7. F

    2002 Manual VX V6 commodore URGENT HELP NEEDED

    hey guys new too this forum but PLEASE currently sitting in my mates garage trying too change the head gasket on his vx commodore CANNOT FIND ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING LIKE A TUTORIAL VIDEO OR ANYTHING Was wondering if anyone could please help us out and either send the link too a tutorial on how...
  8. W

    Head gasket or cracked head

    I have a 96 VS I'm having issues with it's using coolent like no tomorrow, I don't have a leak in the radiator. I filed the over flow bottle up yesterday drove probly 30ks and this morning when I moved the car there was a oil spot on the drive way about the size of my palm with a few bright...
  9. S

    Suspected blown head gasket....what now?

    My beloved 05 VZ SV6 has a suspected blown gasket after 3 independent reviews. Symptoms: - milky, creamy sludge under coolant cap. - coolant cap split. - engine over-heating - Alloytec 102k on the dial Checked coolant and it head completely drained. Replaced it and it took about 7L for...
  10. N

    Overheating - is it the head gasket?

    I have a 1998 Holdon Commodore executive V6 automatic and a few weeks ago all of a sudden after driving for 5 minutes the dashboard light up and read hot and the temperature gauge had shot right up. We pulled over straight away and got towed to a garage where they pressure tested the radiator...
  11. T

    L67 Fix or Replace? (vx supercharged)

    I have an l67 but have just blown the head gasket, my mechanic said no point fixing the motor itll never be the same just to replace, but im having a real hard time trying to source a motor for under $3000, would a reconditioning be cheaper and more effective?
  12. M

    PLEASE HELP!!! My rebuilt VS won't start!

    Just finished installing new head and manifold gaskets including seals and returned everything back in it's rightful place... or so I thought! I made sure there was plenty of fuel, changed the oil, added coolant and charged the battery before trying to start engine... and although it is now...
  13. J

    Using to much water/coolant

    hello everyone all new to this so i might be a little wild lol anyway down to buisness i have a vr commodore and the head gasket isnt blown the oil is fine nice and clean but it is using to much water any ideas??
  14. E

    Blown head gasket maybe?? any advice??

    yer so i think i blew a head gasket like not long ago got home, parked, smelt weird smell got out see the smoke through the lights open the bonnet and i see smoke coming from around the rocker covers never really blown a head gasket before, so not sure if it would make a sound, becasue i...
  15. T

    Head Gasket?

    I have a VS Commodore 3.8 that over heated due to a blown radiator hose. The engine runs but it very noisy. There are metal filing in the radiator. Checked the compression and the two centre cylinder have low compression (60). Does this mean the head gasket has blown? Any ideal where the metal...
  16. VRV6BT1

    buick v6 increase compression ratio?

    G'day, Just wondering if I put a slimmer or thinner head gasket on the old girl. Question1. Will it increase the compression ratio? Question2. If so roughly by how much? Question3. Is there a recommended brand and/or supplier. Cheers and thanks for reading.