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  1. Fu Manchu

    The Largest Monaro GTO VY/VZ... “in the world”

    This is nuts. All this Australian made automotive gold just laying around. Wish someone had a wreckers for Holden’s of all sorts in the desert somewhere that just posts out parts.
  2. J

    VF SS Sedan Suspension Upgrade.

    Hey. I live m in southern suburbs SA. What’s the a decent amount to pay and quality to expect for a coilover or any other suggested handling upgrade for a 2014 Series 1 VF Holden SS Commodore Sedan. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks
  3. E

    Lifespan of standard parts...

    What are people's experience on the lifespan of their VT parts in kms, assuming it's from the factory, DFI modules, Coils, Fuel pump, Belt Tensioners, steering pump etc? I'm guessing by the 200,000km mark pretty much all sensors would have been replaced, and potentially the coils and DFI and...
  4. T

    Just need some advice

    Howdy everyone, new here and I was inspired by the forum to show some love to the old girl. I noticed my strut mounts are shot. Having a look around I found https://www.onlineautoparts.com.au/products/ZPN-02031.action? brand name is Cozza? I haven’t heard of them or used them before. Same as the...
  5. VRtoVStoVX

    Parts to remove/sell before selling car to scrap metal place

    I have a '01 VX Berlina which was listed as a write off by the insurance company due to damage to the front passenger side structure of the car, I think. The car still goes, but the engine's probably on its last legs since it's clocked over 400,000 km's. After I was slowly T-boned in the...
  6. jamie tsagliotis

    Coolant leak

    Hey guys found a coolant leak just after what the part is called? Its to the left of the water pump and under the alternator with its hose connecting to the heat tap. Also would it be best to replace the part or just sealing it. Thanks heaps guys
  7. E

    Engine restoration

    I was wondering if anyone knew about engine restoration on a 2003 Commodore V6? The car itself is in fantastic condition but the engine just died. I'm wondering if it's worth selling off for parts or if someone knew about engine restoration? Thank you in advance! (Brisbane based)
  8. btgoodgame343

    VT Commodore Engine Rebuild

    So I basically got a new battery this morning, fixing that problem, and actually got the engine to run on 3 cylinders. I then found out that almost all the oil was on the floor. I'm not really bothered with finding out exactly what it is that's wrong and I'm going to do a complete engine...
  9. T

    What tailshaft is it?

    So in my serch to replace the tailshaft in my vx wagon 2000 model someone sokd me the wrong tailshaft, and now im trying to sell it myself, however i have no idea what car its for. It has 4 bolts on one side and none on the other where it slides into a bit on the car (im guessing. It has a...
  10. W

    What to do? :(

    It would seem I have written my car off and there's a very good chance that I will not be paid out for it and I take total responsibility for that but I ask youse what should I do with what I have left I rear ended a hilux tray back and took the tow bar to the front, now should I part it out or...
  11. SirDimes23

    HSV VE Clubsport R8 Issues!! Help me PLEASE!! Any information is appreciated.

    Hello, my name is Sam and this is my first post in this forum so please take it easy on me if i post in the wrong area or something :). I currently reside in Dubai and I drive a Chevrolet CR8 2009 equipped with an LS3 Engine and a 6-Auto Transmission which essentially an HSV VE Clubsport R8...
  12. M

    Vl auto to manual

    just want a quick run down of EVERYTHING i will need for the conversion... i know there is some controversy whether theres need to be a new starter motor/tailshaft, thanks. NOTE: it is a wagon.
  13. M

    Auto to manual conversion

    What parts are EXACTLY needed for the conversion, note: it is a conversion into a wagon. ive heard some controversy whether the tail shaft and starter motor need to be replaced? thanks.
  14. Braydenreid

    [ACT] Wrecking white VS Berlina 1996

    ITEM: wrecking 1996 vs berlina LOCATION: act CONDITION: Used PRICE: make an offer or ask for a price on parts DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: willing to post smaller items PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected], pm, 0427 967 670 (txt only)...
  15. Braydenreid

    [ACT] parts clear out (vn-vz) Diff & ecu

    LOCATION: A.C.T DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: post smaller items (may deliver bigger items) PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, pay pal CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected], PM OTHER INFO:few parts for sale! want it all gone! ITEM: vt - vz diff. 3.07 gears (brand new)...
  16. C


    Hey everyone, i smashed my left side mirror on my phantom Black SVZ commodore, I managed to put the mirror back on but the glass is shattered and the internals may be broken also. The outside is perfect how much and where can i get the piece of glass that goes inside the mirror, and can you...
  17. L

    Old VL: sell it, tow it, give it away?

    It has pretty good tyres, LPG/Petrol, a very good motor, and drives well. But it is rough - the odd body damage, missing door strip, the high beam stalk is dodgy, needs a new catch for the glovebox, a couple of fuse holders are melted but working. It is white with matching bumpers/strips and has...
  18. S

    where to buy Parts other than holden??

    Hey im from ferntree gully in victoria and chasing a few different parts for my 2003 vy commodore... Holden are asking rediculous prices!!! I am after actual shops i can walk into not online stores as I want the parts today aftermarket are fine. Mainly after an electric window switch can...
  19. red_spider

    [WA] cv8 Monaro parts,stereo parts,filters,etc

    stripping the modifications off my car to sell it.parts listed are advertised elsewhere also so parts may be sold so please enquire ITEM: K&N panel filter suit vt-vz v6 LOCATION: perth,6108 CONDITION: Used PRICE: $60 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up or can ship at buyers...
  20. H

    URGENT!!!!! Holden 3.8l v6 WHAT IS THIS PART????

    Hey, Can anyone identify this part please!!!!! :rofl2:
  21. S

    Car nerds I need ya help!!!

    Hi there everyone, I am in need of a little guidance, I have an 89 navara with a 3.8l manual out of a vn in it. I have saved up $5000 and wanted to give it a birthday of a single turbo setup running as much boost as possible! I have no idea where to start or what exactly is required to boost the...
  22. Shhtef

    Rear exhaust pipe snapped off from muffler... help please?

    So forgive me if I sound like a complete novice, I don't know the total ins and outs of the mechanics of cars so don't make fun haha, I'll try explain as best I can. Rear end of exhaust pipe fell off when driving one day, had noticed a sputtering sound for a while so probably was loose...
  23. damankerrison09

    [SA] VY SS UTE and LS1 parts (exhaust, panels, abs module, exhaust, extractors, springs)

    LOCATION: Adelaide north, South australia CONDITION: Parts are used but most in great condition PRICE: Prices are below.. will accept offers on parts and will consider separating or selling as pairs. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Some things can be posted others will need to be picked up...
  24. Chady

    [VIC] Misc Parts for sale. (Wrecking VR V6 Auto)

    Created a new thread. http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/parts-other-items-sale/206756-vr-vs-v6-performance-mods-sale.html
  25. S

    [NSW] WTB: VS Parts

    Gday I'm after a few parts for me VS. Item: Bullbar either 4 post or something similar. Steel or alloy not fussy. Location: Sydney, Wollongong, Goulburn. Condition: Used Price: Up to $500 Delivery is expensive so will probably pickup hence the location set. Payment: Cash...
  26. salute the ute

    Sites that sell holden parts

    Hey there im looking for more sites that sell Holden parts. I only need ones for VE's. I know of JHP, Holmart and SSV but i cant seem to find any other main ones like this that have online stores.
  27. H

    vr-vs stateman parts needed

    hi all, is anyone or does anyone no anyone wrecking a vr/vs statesman im after a couple parts of 1 any help would be awesome
  28. B

    Vz sv6 parts for sale

    Details removed.
  29. C

    Work Needing Doing

    Hiya guys, Bit of an amateur with my new-secondhand 2002 vy. I just took it in for a 150k service, and was given a list of things which needed repair, or at least to the mechanic. What i would like is an opinion on the price or the ease which they can be fixed at home, by me with minimal...
  30. Foonz

    Looking for parts

    Hey guys, I am looking at fixing up my VN calais S2 and need some parts. I am chasing the front bumper (preferably silver), rear right door (preferably Blue and Silver), front grille and drivers side door trim (grey is colour). If anyone is wrecking or knows where i could get parts that...
  31. J

    VN parts to VR

    Im thinking of buying a VN with full body kit and the low-suspension Will the body kit and the struts and shocks fit in my VR?
  32. J

    VT Commodore Bonnet/Front RH Quarter Panel.

    Hey, I've got a VT Exec, and was just wondering if anyone had a rough price on a bonnet and from right hand quarter panel. Thanks guys. =]
  33. NickVR

    [SA] For sale: VR/VS parts

    ITEM: IRS Exhaust, twin cat into 2.5 merged into single 3inch single muffler LOCATION: Salisbury CONDITION: Used PRICE: $150 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick Up, May be able to deliver for a fee PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM, Phone or Other OTHER INFO: Gives off a...
  34. HamaTime™

    [VIC] STRIPPING V6 Ecotec - Parts

    ITEM: All stripped parts off a V6 Ecotec (3.8 litre) out of a VS LOCATION: Melbourne, Eastern Suburbs CONDITION: Used, motor had done around 200,000 PRICE: Prices as listed, feel free to make an offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up from Eastern Suburbs. Postage for smaller items is...
  35. DAVIDC

    Calais parts i was curious about

    Hey guys, I was about to buy some Calais seats front and rear, non leather for $80 and 60 for the door trims. Is that alright price or what? Also ive bought a deep purple paint that im going to be painting my vn. the colour is similar to the new VE commys purple, its going to have heaps of...
  36. DAVIDC

    Can vn parts go into a vr?(motor, trans, suspension)

    Hey, I've got a VN commodore as a First car as i am only 16, it has a 3inch exhaust with Extractors, Lowered 2inches with King Springs, limited slip diff and the motor is a Reco and goes very fast together with the HSV ECU put in the car. This is all good and well but i just bought a VR with...
  37. DAVIDC

    Can vn parts go into a vr?(motor, trans, suspension)

    Hey, I've got a VN commodore as a First car as i am only 16, it has a 3inch exhaust with Extractors, Lowered 2inches with King Springs, limited slip diff and the motor is a Reco and goes very fast together with the HSV ECU put in the car. This is all good and well but i just bought a VR with...
  38. Wagon_Wheel

    [VIC] Random VN V6 parts for sale, MAKE ME OFFERS

    ITEMS: Vn V6 S1 Short motor, 220,000k's Heads, manifold, throttle etc to suit motor VN S1 Auto trans, 220,000 k's + TC, drove fine no noises but has been sitting in garage for a while 4 VN doors VN bootlid with garnish VN headlights Front door mirrors (manual ones) More to add to the...
  39. I

    harmonic balancer and crank angle sensor for vp s2 (same as s1?)

    hey i was just wondering if the harmonic balancer and the crank angle sensor are the same on the vp series 1 and the vp series 2. i have a vp sitting around that needs these peices and i have a mate wrecking a vp who has those peices but off a series one. if i was to grab the harmonic ballancer...
  40. voodoo VT

    L67 parts

    I'm chasing parts for a L67, nothing too major at this stage but repco don't stock them and can't order inm Dose anyone know where I can get them? I'm on the gold coast. Brisbane is fine too. Or happy to order on the net if I can beat holdens prices. What I'm after- Rear main seal+plate...