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  1. Stef-vy

    Headlight not working but the globes good?

    Hey guys, I have a vx 2001 and it has Monaro headlights and tailights, no issues with the back but front headlight on the left side has completely killed both of the normal driving lights in only the left side, but it still works on high beam? I'm confused and worried it's a bad wiring...
  2. D

    Fuse panel removal

    Hello. I am adding an LED light bar to the front of my exec hidden in front of the lower grill. Obviously it needs to be fused and would run off a relay which would be activated by the highbeams. My questions relates to the spare relay in the fuse box under the bonnet. I would love to utilise it...
  3. Statolover

    Projector upgrade

    Hey guys did a search but nothing. I will be doing a headlight upgrade and putting projector lights in my vs statesman just wondering if you guys had any idea how to's or best way to do it thanks
  4. benjaminwoodley

    Tinted/custom tail lights for VY Series 2 R8 Clubsport

    Hi guys, new to the forum and just after some advice. Ive just bought a vy clubby and I'm looking at getting tinted or custom tail lights and possibly head lights. I'm open to all suggestions
  5. J

    VS Headlight Problem

    So I tried to get help in here but no one replied so I went ahead and attempted to remove the hid headlight kit that was installed in the car I bought and I put in some halogen bulbs. The reason I did this is everything blew slowly one by one and I found out that the lights didnt come with the...
  6. J

    Need instruction on how to take out hid kit

    I bought a car for my mum but it has a hid kit in it. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to take it out and if I need to add or remove anything to put normal headlights back in. It seems to be just battery>ballast>bulb but I don't want to attempt anything without knowing if it is as...
  7. J

    VF JW Speaker LED Headlights

    Hey guys, I'm interested in purchasing a H7 JW Speaker LED Kit for my VF II Redline. Just wondering if anyone currently has these installed and if they are satisfied with them? Some people have complained that LED lights don't provide the same distance as halogens (Non VF), I'm wondering if...
  8. B

    VT headlights dim

    Hi, was wondering if anyone could offer any advice? After driving through *almost* flood water on my way to work, I noticed that the driver's side headlight had stopped working. Swapped it with passenger side, and they both worked, but very dim. Found ground near back of battery and cleaned, but...
  9. D

    Vt headlights

    I think I have an earth issue with my LH headlight, when I turn highbeam on it goes out. Does anyone think it is worth buying a headlight from wrecker or is the problem not in the light itself? Or could it be a relay possibly?
  10. V

    Let's Talk About Light's :)

    Ok so I bought my vs ute recently but do not like the yellow tinge i get from the bulb's i already have some type of philips blue one's but it's just not good enough, I want to know the standard wattage of the bulb's and if i get HID's can I buy lower wattage HID's so I am not one of those...
  11. Jaz11

    Tinted Headlight Covers

    Hey peeps. Anyone have any experience with the tinted headlight covers that are around for most models? Are they Legal? Will the light shine through fine? Do you like them? Im trying to find maybe a lighter tint rather than the following Fully blacked out covers if anyone knows of any (I have...
  12. M

    How to change headlight assembly hold cruze yg

    Hi just wondering I someone can help me out. I have brought a new head light due to mine having a huge crack when I brought it. Is it easy to install a whole new headlight for a Holden cruze yg wagon please note it isn't a normal Holden cruze sedans Anyone with help with instructions would...
  13. BamarambaV8

    VR Calais headlight not working............

    Hi Ive got a 94 VR Calais 5lt and the headlights havent worked in ages. Its not the fuses, the relay, the headlight switch or the headlight globes. Anybody else had these problems? The parkers and hi beams work, its just the headlights wont!!! I was thinking maybe a wiring problem because I cant...
  14. C

    Left Low-Beam Headlight Not Working

    My left projection headlight isn't working and i don't have the faintest clue why. The car is a ve omega commodore that i just bought but it has different headlights that i think are from a hsv or ssv but it has the projection headlights. The bulb seems to be okay and is still intact...
  15. D

    VZ Headlight & Mode switches not illuminating on changeover

    I have a VZ SV6 Crewman (07), tricked a little but not under the bonnet. I'm in the process of upgrading the dash & clusters, one of the "fun" things is the lighting switches. My old ones are pewter color and they illuminate when headlights are on. I'm switching them to black, and I have...
  16. Holden vz

    Wiring Problem Headlight Switch

    Hey Guys Ive recently put in fog light on my vz but it didn't have wiring so i got a wiring set of eBay everything is working but i wont to control the fog light of the ss headlight switch instead of the one provided with the wiring set i just want to know where to tap the switch wires into...
  17. Holden vz

    SS Headlight Switch Installation

    Hey guys just wondering how i remove the stock vz exec headlight switch, and wire up my fog lights witch have there own separate switch to the ss switch Cheers
  18. Wheelzy

    VZ Aftermarket Headlight Problem!

    Hey Guys! My mrs just bought a VZ SV6 and it's got aftermarket headlights, they look awesome but when she's got her headlights on the high beams and fog lights glow very dim, has anybody got any idea how to fix this issue? Cheers guys! Wheelzy!
  19. J

    [QLD] WTB: VS sedan interior parts/panels and left headlight

    ITEM: Numerous VS Sedan parts LOCATION: Mackay, QLD CONDITION: New or Used, preferably in decent condition PRICE: No idea what they're worth, I'd say around $30 for the headlight and then there's numerous interior parts, $150 for all the interior, but if I'm way off the mark let me know...
  20. V

    HID High Beam/Flash Issue

    Hey everyone, so I've got a bit of a dilemma... I've installled HIDs into both my low beam (H4) and the high beam (H3) of my VS, Everything works as it should with the exception being the flash (pull stalk toward you) and high beam (push stalk away). When high beam is triggered the bulbs in...
  21. D

    SS Induction kit installation question

    hi, just a quick question for the ss induction kit that I picked up for free the other day... After I removed the standard airbox, there is a plastic shroud under the head light that helps direct air into the hole in the standard airbox.. is this left in there or replaced with the ss induction...
  22. st3r3otyp3

    [WA] WTB VT/VX headlight screw on rear globe mount covers.

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: The cover that you take out when you replace globes, I need both sides, so if you`ve broken headlights laying around why not sell me the covers LOCATION: WA CONDITION: any DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pay postage. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Direct...
  23. S

    VX Executive Phillip Diamond Head Lights

    Hello, This is my first post so it may be LQ. I recently bought some new halogen globes (Diamond Vision 5000k H4) As being an inexperienced eager teenager that I am I completely forgot about changing my parkers which does not have the correct lighting running through the whole headlight...
  24. H

    Vy Auto Headlight Switch / Function not working!

    Hey guys, Recently when i switch to the auto head light function my headlights and interior lights are not illuminating, however my headlights do work when on the normal headlight function (so its not the globes). I've read that if all lights aren't working (headlights, dash, Gears) then...
  25. R

    [VIC] WTB: VY SS headlights (genuine)

    ITEM: what to buy VY SS Headlights (pair) new or second hand in good condition LOCATION: Victoria, Melbourne CONDITION: New or Used PRICE: depends if they are new or used, make me an offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: i dont mind paying for postage, would prefer to pick up...
  26. K

    Problem with my vr high beams

    i have a 95 vr berlina series II, the head lights work fine on low beams but when i flick it on to high beams one of them shuts completely off, iv checks the fuses and the globes and cant find anything wrong. can anyone help?
  27. C

    [QLD] FS: VE Headlights Omega/SV6/SS Genuine Pair

    ITEM: Pair of GENUINE Holden SV6 Headlights. LOCATION: Brisbane QLD CONDITION: Used, in near new very good condition. Only fitted for 30,000kms. (upgraded to projector style lights.) PRICE: MAKE AN OFFER! CHEAP! Can split pair. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up preferred, can also be...
  28. bmarriott.live

    Vx headlight removal

    Does anyone know how to remove the headlights in a vx executive, do i need to remove the front bumper. Thanks in advance
  29. bmarriott.live

    Replace headlights vx exe

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me the easyest way to remove the old headlights, so i can replace them with altezza's.
  30. LOYAL

    Help Please! Headlight problems...

    All fixed, thanks anyway
  31. THOMMO90

    worn headlight lense

    gday blokes, got an issue with my front left headlight, it seems to always be fogged up or something as reacted to the plastic,,, but when i either wash my car or it gets really wet..aka rain it will clear up. ive herd someone say along the line say u can use some sort of ally polish or...
  32. mrc25381

    Headlight chrome

    Dudes, What would I use to recoat the chrome on a headlight? I went to clean one the other day and ended up wiping the chrome clean off in 1 or 2 spots back to this yellow crap. So I'm wondering is there like stuff you can paint or stick on to replicate a chrome finish? I've used "chrome"...
  33. The Sicilian

    [NSW] F/S VX S Wheels/tyres, headlights, CD player, badges...

    Garage was getting full so this stuff has gotta go. Please note that if postage is required (wheels being the exception), I am willing to list the item on eBay upon buyer's request if they feel safer making a transaction through eBay for security reasons, however this will incur a small fee to...
  34. speed__demond

    genuine headlight covers

    what are genuine headlight covers for a vr ORDERED FROM HOLDEN worth?
  35. SamssuperVT

    need a vt calais headlight switch TODAY!

    can anybody help me out. i need a vt calais headlight switch today asap. if you have a spare one lying around and wanna get rid of it or sell it let me know. not too much though. MELBOURNE around the western suburbs plz thanx. msg me ur conctact details soo we can arrange pick up. gimmie a...
  36. CommVTS

    headlight globe

    hey guys, just wondering what the easiest way is to replace headlight globe in my VT. cheers scotty
  37. HVXII

    headlight problems

    ok i know this has been asked b4 ive read a couple of posts but found no answers that are right for me. ok i have a series 2 VX acclaim, parkers & highbeems work, low beams dont. the bulbs are fine, the relays are fine, & all the fuses are fine, what on earth can it be? it only happened about 3...