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  1. M

    VZ commodore 2004 executive sedan very Low fuel fuel gauge error srs abs low oil warnings.

    Hi, so I have a 2004 VZ commodore executive sedan. its auto with 279,000ks on the clock. the issue I'm having is a big one I'm guessing, when I unlock the doors put the key in and try to start it its dead all electrics still work however it doesn't crank it is silent like it has a flat...
  2. J

    V6 ecotec TB upgrade

    I want to upgrade my stock TB but unfamiliar of the process and dimensions. Help me out please?!?
  3. J

    Issue, looking for o-Ring size for high pressure power steering hose connection to pump, VT V6

    I’m replacing my power steering pump this arvo and I have no ide what size O-ring you are supposed to install when replacing the old one, it’s the O-ring that sits on the high pressure hose connection to the power steering pump, thanks, I have a VT V6 series 2 executive
  4. C

    1988 VN Executive - Paint code

    Hey all. Hoping someone can clarify this 1988 VN Executive color / code? I am fairly sure it is Imperial Blue - Metallic (2B059) however I could be wrong. Appreciate the help.
  5. S

    VS berlina wagon roof racks on a executive?

    Hey, so I have a executive vs wagon and was wondering if berlina roof racks/rails can mount up to my executive? IMO they look cleaner than the gutter mounted ones. Cheers
  6. Alexander Cuomo

    Does anyone know what the Lumina trim level is?!!!

    On Wikipedia when looking at VY commodores there is no mention of the Lumina model apart from the chev lumina which is a completely different car. Where does it place with the other trim levels of VY commodores and what features does it have that the executive doesn't have? thanks
  7. S

    Vz lcd dash display

    Tried to change the dashlights over last night, but when I tried to take the lcd display off, it broke. Was looking at getting a secondhand dash and switxhing the display screens and was wondering could a Vy lcd fit? From what I can tell the only difference in the two is the wiring harness.
  8. S

    Intake mods Alloytec

    Sorry if there's already a thread on this, but I haven't been able to find one. Just bought a VZ Exec. wagon (175kw), and was wanting to up the power a bit. Unfortunatley, due to the missus being in her P's, I'm limited as to what I can do (have to keep it 130kw/t). One idea I've been playing...
  9. jprior2912

    Car Won't crank - opinions needed

    Hello all, I've been diving deep into this forum over the past few days trying to look for some kind of answer, but I'm still not 100% sure. I bought a really cheap 04 auto VZ executive last week, and was told it needed a new starter and then it would run fine. Changed starter and still...
  10. nekzuu

    Holden VR won't start!!!

    Hey guys, This is my first post to the forums and before I do so, I'd just like to say hey hey :D Anyway back to the point, I've recently picked up a '94 Holden VR Exec which wouldn't start due to the fact no fuel was travelling through the lines to the engine, and after a bit of digging...
  11. N

    New owner of 2000 Commodore wagon

    Hey everyone, I'm sure this has been asked thousands of times so I'm sorry to be that guy. I'm a new owner of the 2000 commodore wagon, 226,000km. I got a very good deal on it and it runs great. But What are some common problems with this model? Just trying to learn, do the right thing, and...
  12. 5

    Help! 5ltr vp misfiring

    Hey Guys I have a 92 5ltr vp and one day I was driving it pretty rough and than all of a sudden it started to backfire and pop as we drove it so when I start it up now it starts misfiring and it starts popping and banging checked leads and plugs they all spark, swapped injectors over and the...
  13. J

    Supercharging VP Commodore

    I was looking at supercharging my 1992 Vp S2 V6 with an Eaton M90. It has an LG2 engine. I was looking for preferably something that would bolt on as apposed to fabricating the existing manifold. I am new to this but from what I understand the same engines can be found in the states with...
  14. R

    My New Manual VR

    Just thought I'd post up a few pics of my new project. It is a 1993 Model VR Executive Converted to T5 Manual with heavy duty clutch. Picked it up for $1000 off a mate that had lost motivation. I was happy with the price as there is quite a few goodies on the car. It has a freshened up top...
  15. P

    Identifying VL commodore (History)

    Hello everyone, I own a VL Executive 1988 model but I'm a bit confused.. My dash badge inside the car says COMMODORE SL... My question is: Did Holden have a badge for the Executive dash or does this signal that my dash/interior has been changed? What color interiors were the '88 Executives...
  16. P

    Best Door Locks - VL commodore

    So i recently bought a 88 VL Executive and not having had it for even one day, it had already been targeted by thieves. well they didn't manage to break into it, but they did damage the locks.. so my question is, what are the best door and boot locks I can fit on a VL? I've read about solex...
  17. L

    [NSW] Swapping VX-01 Sedan for something newer

    DESCRIPTION: Swap/Trade ITEM: Swapping a near-on stock standard auto VX (Executive) for something newer. LOCATION: NSW, Deniliquin CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I will travel far, you name, I'll decide. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Swapping my VX and willing to pay an extra of...
  18. TweePollution

    What is this tubing called?

    As i installed a new rocker gasket seal, i noticed this tube has melted and needs replacing as it has basically snapped OFF! I was wondering if you guys could give me the name of this part so when i duck down to super cheap auto tomorrow i know what to look for, it sits under this cover...
  19. Dom27

    Calais reflector bar in exec bumper

    If I buy one of these Will I be able to swap it with the existing strip in my exec's rear bumper?
  20. C

    Not your usual brake issue

    Hey all I recently acquired my first Commodore (05 VZ Exec V6 Auto). Issue is when I pull up to the lights in drive, the brake pedal sort of vibrates under your foot. Also does it in 1st, 2nd and 3rd but not neutral. Any ideas? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  21. Holden vz

    How to install foglights on a vz executive

    Hey guys Got a sv6 body kit on my car but no fog lights thinking of buying a pair off eBay but just want to know if anyone has done this before and what I would need to install them if someone could help me out on this it would be greatly appreciated
  22. J

    VT won't start first go

    Hey guys, yeaturday I lowered the rear end of my car(exec vtii sedan), I put in king springs SL, but not the front yet(I don't have shocks yet) but not it doesn't start straight away, i turn the key, and it kicks and kicks and kicks, THEN it starts, whereas before it would start as soon as I...
  23. RB30Comzy

    My Holden Commodore VL Berlina Executive

    Checklist: (Green Done, Red Not Started, Orange Bought Awaiting Arrival, Yellow Got Item Haven't Started, Blue Bought Didn't Fit/Work)
  24. playful

    My Getrag'd 97 VS Executive

    My 97 VS Executive 5 Speed So I have had this car since Feb 2012. I paid a fair bit for it when I got it (a tad under 5k with 150,000 on the clock) from a guy about my age. Mechanically speaking the car is very good. The interior is also fantastic, and I am content with the price I bought it...
  25. V

    Help needed!!!

    Hi Guys, i recently just got a hold of some VT SS seats and door trims and also electric window regs and switches for my car (VX series 2 exec) My question for you guys as ive looked on forums for the past week and my questions really havnt be answered is as follows My BCM is only a LOW...
  26. DeadlySphinx

    My '05 VZ Executive.

    Hey guys, Got my 05 VZ Executive a week and a half ago. So I thought I'd post up some pictures of it, hope you all like, I sure do. Current mods: SV6 Bodykit 18" VE SS Alloys Future mods: CAI Extractors, cats, 2.5" exhaust Tune Plenum Spacer (maybe) Enjoy :)
  27. aussie4life11

    [WA] Wrecking 95 VR series 2 exec

    ITEM: Wrecking 95 VR series 2 exec PRICE: Listed with items below LOCATION: Mid-west WA DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up or post at buyers expense PAYMENT OPTIONS: direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or paypal CONTACT DETAILS: Email at [email protected] or PM me OTHER INFO: item...
  28. T-Hulk

    VX executive Rear Fender change

    Is it Possible to change then rear Fender from a VX Executive over to a VT to get rid of the ugly reflectors? Cheers Tom.
  29. VX EXEC 3.8

    My VX Executive [Red]

    This is my first car, it's a red VX Series1 ex-Police model. Engine: 3.8 litre Ecotec V6 Transmission: 4 Speed slushmatic Suspension: FE2 (Sporty :P) Diff: LSD 3.08:1 Wheels: 17" VT XU6 Stereo: Stock headunit with some decent aftermarket speakers in it, sounds good. Extra Features: - Police...
  30. 9

    VR Executive Series 1 V6 Auto advice

    Hey all, just joined to finally ask a few questions I can't seem to find answers to. I'm picking up a 94 VR Executive in about a week (:surprise:), it's the v6 auto model. It's got extractors, custom exhaust system, and I think it's been lowered; but the previous owned put this horrible fake...
  31. S

    2005 VZ Ececutive Stage 2 Shift Kit?

    2005 VZ Executive Stage 2 Shift Kit? Hey guys, Was just wondering if a Stage 2 Shift Kit would be suitable for my VZ Commodore? Also, is there a specific brand yous would recommend?
  32. tHe_sTiG

    Boot struts DIY

    Been cleaning out the car this morning, found my boot struts had completely failed. Is it an easy DIY job to replace them? I took a look, I think I can figure it out... better get it fixed before I crack my head one day, already happened on a few occasions, ouch. I found struts on ebay for...
  33. tHe_sTiG

    Driveshaft problems anyone?

    I got my VZ back from service a couple of days ago. Straight out of the service center, the whole car was rumbling and vibrating at speeds of 60 - 80 kph. Noticed the tyres had been rotated, rotated them back again, reduced tyre pressure from the 40 they had set to 35. Less drama this time, but...
  34. R

    My 1996 VS executive :)

    Alright, so this is my VS. I will get around to posting pics up later. Its pretty bare at the moment, so please. Bare with me. Also had to replace the engine in it, I blew a rod out the side of the block, you could fit your fist in it. :hmmm: Also, pantha mica in colour, gorgeous...
  35. Scheme

    the vn

    Paid $750 off an old teacher at the local Secondary college. Came completely stock, factory everything like the day it was made, except for the reconditioned engine, which the previous owner was unsure on amount of K's on the reco but runs better than my last VN did by far! Snapped up a real...
  36. Scheme

    $750 VN WAGON - Project

  37. tdirago

    [VIC] Selling VX Executive stock wheels/tires 15"

    ITEM: Stocks that i have no use for anymore, they're in great condition as they were only used when my dad use to own the car and he drives like a grandpa. Great for spare tires, can be swapped on long trips to improve fuel economy, ride ect, and they looking ####ing great! Treads are anywhere...
  38. amos_executive

    HSV Z Series Clubsport R8

    Looking at trading my 2005 VZ Commodore Executive for a 2006 Z series Clubby R8. The cars going for $33,000 comes with OTR cold air intake, full di filippo stainless exhaust system, custom mafless tune, sunroof and roof mounted dvd for the rear passengers and the car has 80,000 kms on the taco...
  39. G

    vr indicator problem, pleasssse help

    i was driving my vr today and all of a sudden my indicators weren't working, they were just dead. then they started working intermitantly, they would start working then stop working. also the flasher unit makes a long clicking noise really fast sometimes. is it just my flasher unit gone bad? or...
  40. makdaddz

    leather trim

    anyone know where i could pick up vt/vx Calais cream leather interior back and front seats and inserts?