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  1. J

    Alloytec vacuum leak (cant locate)

    There is a vacuum leak or gushing of air sound coming from the right side of the engine just behind the power steering fluid reservoir and somewhere around the oil filter housing. Ive Checked over all the hoses and haven't been able to find anything. I was thinking it could be the manifold...
  2. Berlina&Jag guy

    PCV or MAP sensor issues not sure what’s next to try fix.

    Shortly after doing a service on my 06 alloytec the check powertrain warning came up and so I used a cheapo OBD2 dongle to find the fault and got a reading of P0105: Manifold Absolute Pressure/ Barometric Pressure Circuit. Most people seem to say that this usually indicates a vacuum leak and...
  3. S

    Vacuum line through firewall

    Where's the best place to feed a vacuum line through the firewall? I've bought a mechanical vacuum gauge and need a feed from the engine to the gauge. Some youtube searches have shown the best place to tap in for the reading, but I haven't been able to find where I can feed it through into the...
  4. Alexsvt

    Will a Haynes Manual help me find my vacuum leak? also ABShelp maybe?

    Hi all!! don't let my username fool you, i am currently running a 2006 VZ that i recently picked up FAIRLY CHEAP, i knew i'd have to fix up a few things but i am new to dealing with vacuum leaks and engine stuff. from the research i've done and talking with people i believe i am dealing with a...
  5. DeathSammich

    VY Idle Vacuum

    Hey guys recently got a VY l67. I've done a decent sized service since getting it. Done lim gaksets, replaced charger gasket, charger ubend gasket, tb gasket, PVC gasket, spark plugs, oil, coolant, thermostat and o2 sensors. My main concern is it still doesnt seem to pull a good amount of...
  6. sundaydriver

    Low vacuum with no leaks, correct TDC, and ignition timing

    1983 VH 202 3.3L straight-6 with the Varajet II. I am getting ~15 inches/mercury vacuum. Which puts it in the 'late ignition timing' zone on the vacuum gauge. The effect of this a jerky acceleration at low speed @ initial take off. Occasionally a hesitation when taking off hard at very low...
  7. sundaydriver

    [SOLVED] Vacuum reading interpretation

    Googling this is like googling 'head ache' - lots of different results. So, hoping some of you knowledgeable people can help me out. From what I've read, the low (13-14 inch) reading is indicative of off/bad engine/valve timing? And the steady 1+ inch drop/return is likely a sticky/burnt...
  8. sundaydriver

    [SOLVED] EFE (early fuel exaporation) Thermal vacuum switch/valve broken

    Happy 'Staya Day! So was replacing some vacuum hoses and managed to snap both barbs and the thread off the Early Fuel Evap (EVE) Thermal Vacuum Switch (TVS) - or TVV (Valve). Yay! Come to find, they are not an easy part to source. Found a few similar looking parts online, from the US, but...
  9. danbran

    help, dodgy vs ecotec idle

    it fails to drop back down to its usual idle, its a pain because it likes to sit between 2000rpm-1300rpm, sometimes it is normal but not often. with a massive rev up to nearly redline it will drop back down to normal idle speed but i dont like doing it. To me it sort of sounds like a leak...
  10. R

    VS Ute 3 seater heater control switch,

    Can anyone tell me where I could locate a heater control switch for 3 seater ute? They have the hot cold dial and the vent position similar to a standard one only difference is the dials are side by side. Mine is leaking around the vent position knob. Cheers
  11. speed__demond

    vacuum pump for brake booster?

    Hey all ive got a 109lsa overlap cam In the 5l Vs with abs. Because of the overlap the vacuum isnt the bestand the brakes are a bit soft. Looking for any experience on electric vac pumps and what amout of pressure ect I should need
  12. D

    VX Calais Vacuum Problem

    I have a vx calais that i recently purchased clean car just runs really rough i checked the fault codes and it came up there is a vacuum leak but cant find where can some one please help me i need to find where the leak is but lack the knowledge can someone please give me a list of the vacuum...
  13. O

    No vacuum from heater tap VX Calais

    Hi guys and girls, I have a VX Calais V6 that has decided to not blow heat through the heater. Today I changed the heater tap however there is definitely no vacuum coming through the hose and it is still blowing cold air (which will be lovely in summertime, just not great for cold winters)...
  14. V

    VL Aircon always makes hissing noise and only comes out top vents.

    The air con in my VL has started making a constant hissing noise no matter which setting you choose. Air only comes out the top vents where it defrosts the windscreen. Ive been told that it could be a vacuum leak. Any tips would be appreciated. Cheers.
  15. Z

    air leak issues - a/c not working

    I am a newbie I have a Holden Commodore Calais S2 with Climate Control. I have no cool air. On acceleration, I note air vent directs warm air from face to feet and returns to face on deceleration. I also note the heater tap is letting hot water to the heater radiator and the cars effectively...
  16. M

    Solenoid pack in VT commodore

    Hi, does anyone know where the solenoid pack is in a VT commodore, also would anyone have a photo of where it is?. (the solenoid pack with hoses attached for vacuum?) Thanks
  17. I

    VL vacuum reservoir

    hey im new here so this has probably been answered before but ill ask anyway. on the right hand side of my vl commodore behind the front bumper there is a ball with a chord atatched just hanging down the clips that held it somewhere are broken. ive done some research and found its the vacuum...
  18. J

    Vr zircon problems

    I'm having trouble with my aircon. It only turns on once you turn the power to 3 or 4. And it only comes out at feet ports not anywhere else. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  19. M500

    6.0l Brake Failure with cammed engine

    I have a VCM-7 cam installed in my auto ute. I noticed the brakes dont seem to bring the car up as well as it used to. I took it to the dealer who informed me that the cam has caused a loss of vacuum to the master cylinder and I would need a "vacuum tank" to improve the brakes. After VCM...
  20. SiKC.VR

    Heater working but not blowing from air vents - VR

    My heater core is not clogged, both hoses in and out are hot but there's no heat coming from the dash or under the dash (feet) but the fans are working and only air blows out created by the fans.... though while i was replacing the carpeting, i accidentally broke off a piece from the plastic...
  21. H

    Squeaking/whistling noise

    I have a 2003 VY....Once i hit about 60kph a squeaking/whistling noise is coming through the demister vents, sounds as if air is being forced through a small gap ...funny thing is it only happens above 60 :S does any1 know whether the vacuum tube could cause this ...or is it something else Thanks
  22. SiKC.VR

    fan not blowing out of dash - VR

    i have a climate control system, it doesnt blow out of the dash, u can hear the fan working but only blows under the dash (floor) my guess is a leaking or disconnected vacuum hose, i checked around the engine bay nothing seems to be out of place, took off the centre fascia and there was a square...
  23. vl-sl-commodore

    Several heating problems

    Hi okay i own a 1986 SL VL Commodore and really the only this i have had done since i brought it 2 months ago is had extractors fitted but for some reason the engine is getting really hot the radiator coolant has been replaced and switched the tiny 12 inch thermo fan to a larger 16inch thermo...
  24. VK SL 3800

    Vk Vacuum Tree

    Hi guys, The rear Vacuum tree thing decided to snap off on me and has left the thread end in the manifold, i replaced the front on only a week ago as it did the same thing but had great difficulty cleaning out the thread, and at the rear if you cant get it to unsrew as one piece its gonna be...
  25. M

    VS Air Conditioning switch vaccum leak - where to look?

    When I turn on Aircon, all I get is a hiss behind dash and no cold air. I understand that all vents and aircon use vacuum to operate, so yes, I know I have a vacuum leak!! However, the vent controls all operate normally (using vacuum), and the hiss (leak) only occurs when the aircon is...
  26. VK SL 3800

    VK Varajet idling fast.

    Hi Was looking under the bonnet of my commodore trying to find what caused it to idle a little fast sometimes, and found it to be a little vacuum operated stop thing not retracting properly. Its up the back near the choke and is mounted on a bracket that bolts onto the carbie using the two...
  27. C

    Vacuum Leak from interior VS commodore

    Hey guys everyone knows that when you replace your stock stereo for an aftermarket one you have to pull the console out and also the heater controls. When you pull the heater controls out you disconnect the vacuum lines and also the 2 electrical wiring looms behind the controls. After I put my...
  28. M

    Help req'd ~ Vacuum Hoses VS Commodore

    I have just replaced my intake manifold gaskets. Whilst removing the intake manifold I removed a vacuum hose from the rear of the engine from a small electrical component. The hose was fed thru the top of the intake manifold and ended up at the drivers side front going into an emission control...
  29. K

    Sphere under left hand side

    Hi Can someone please tell me what that big ball/sphere is under the left hand side of my car is? It is connected to the vacuum hoses from the intake manifold. Is it alright to get rid of it?
  30. J

    Vy Air Conditioning

    hey guys, i have gone through days of looking at posts about the climate control vaccum problems where the vents change from face to screen under accelleration load, though i have read lots of threads about this topic i have not seen any real solutions , anyone that has had this problem can you...
  31. B

    VYII Climate control vacuum leak help

    My Berlina will divert the vent fan to the windscreen when the car is under load (say going up a slight hill). It seems to be a fairly common problem and searching through various forums there is a suggestion to change the black & white plastic valve just behind the engine block which I did but...